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Take the injuries and the team's battles with the head trainer as an example. Then they play a game with no newcomer, and if the team plays a game with their beginner, they're better off.


They then lose faith in their abilities, then, and the reason is that the head trainer loses confidence in his starter's capability they are vulnerable to injury. They lose faith in the team and they lose confidence in themselves.


Now, you would say,"well, if you play the game with no starter and he begins and does nicely, then he'll keep his job. Thus, if you are playing the game with no starter and he doesn't start and does nicely, then he will maintain his job."


The problem with this is that the trainer was told something differently by someone that knows what they are referring to, so he has less faith in his starter, and he is currently assuming that his backup quarterback, who is unknown, will start another game and win this game. Now, the group will begin losing, since they didn't play a game with their starter, and they are off the playoff area.