How To Choose An Email Address

Who doesn't want best email name forever. There is a high chance that you will be using your email address for years. In fact, the more you use the
email address, the more likely that you are going to stick with it the longer. This is why choosing the right email address, whether it is for
personal or professional use, is important.

The question is how to choose an email address that matches your personality professionally and personally.

Unless you are creating an email address for the domain that you or your company owns, most of the best names have been registered and used by
someone else. For instance, if you are going for free email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, you will find that most of the
names that you want have been registered and there is no way you can re-register them. Thus, you will have to choose another option and use a
different name instead.

There are hundreds of millions of emails have been registered, so how are you going to register the right one?

And this is what you are going to discover in this article. We will cover the complete guide in choosing the right email address for your use.

Why Your Email Name is Important
You may think that choosing an email address is something simple and require no effort. While this may be true to a certain extent, having a
professionally chosen email address has a great impact on both your personal and professional life.

Plenty of studies on email open rates have found that trusting the sender is the single most important factor in whether an email is opened or not.
Think about it, if you are using a funny email address and send your resume to apply for a job, there is a chance that your email will not be opened
because it sounds unprofessional. You just do not know, right?

Therefore, it can be vital in choosing the clever email address name. The “From” name in your email says a lot about you.

1. The Right First Impression
A generic email may project inexperience or even worse, raise doubts on whatever you are doing with your email. Moreover, it becomes hard for people
to find email address ideas for common names. If you are only using your email for personal use such as registering social media accounts, it will
be alright. However, if you are using your email to communicate with others, it is always better to choose a better name for a better impression.

This is especially true if you are using your email for work or business purposes. A branded email shows the world how professional you are. Not
only that, when you are using a good email name, you are indirectly telling people that you are someone who cares about the detail.

2. Reduce the Risk of Being Marked as Spam
This is because anyone can create email addresses and unethical people are sending spam emails easily, it makes having a professional email address
even more important. You do not want the email you send to be considered a spam.

Some spam and malware filters will automatically disable or move your emails into Junk Mail folders when they find your email name suspicious.
Therefore, owning a professional email address reduces the risk of your emails bouncing or being sent straight to the trash can.

3. Build Credibility and Trust
On the contrary, when your email address name is professional, you are providing a sense of credibility and security to the receivers. People are
more likely to open the email from a credible source than from someone who “sounds” suspicious, like “priyaangle99@gmail.com” or

4. The Future of Communication
Although social media like Facebook has emerged as a popular way to communicate, email is still considered one of the most important platforms for
serious communication. People are still using emails daily and there is no way it will be replaced in the short-term.

When it comes to work and business, email is a very important communication tool that cannot be ignored. You will never send resume using Facebook
after all. Studies have also shown that people treat emails as something “important” than messages they receive through social media.

And because of this reason, email remains as the king of online communication and this is also why you need to choose the right email name.

5. Promote Yourself and Your Brand
One of the benefits of using a branded email is that every time when you send out an email, you are promoting yourself or your business. If you are
using your email for personal use, this reason may not be as impactful. However, if you are using your emails for communication with your clients
and business purposes, a good name can help you create brand awareness.

If you think that branding is only for big businesses, think again. You are never too small to start building your own brand and you can do it with
your email.