How to utilize emergency situation cable

It happens to everybody; innovation sometimes dissatisfies, also when it pertains to garage doors. In some cases you need to manually move them due to issues with parts, motor or power supply. In whatever situations, this happens such as power failure, real emergency situation or merely when your garage door is broken, we want to ensure that whatever your factor for pulling the emergency cable might be, you understand how to correctly disengage your garage door opener along with have the capability to re-engage it later on. Take a look at some guidelines below, so you know how to reset your garage door opener rapidly.


- Door Needs to be in Down Position

Prior to you start disengaging your garage door opener, make certain the door is in down position. Attempting to do it when the door is up can be incredibly unsafe. If the spring on your garage door is broken, it can trigger the garage door to fall.

If your garage door is stuck in the open position, we advise getting in touch with a professional like Automatic Garage Solutions to avoid more damage.

- Pull the Release Cable

The emergency release cable is the red rope that hangs from the door trolley. The trolley is connected to the door and moves with it as it opens and shuts. It's is also connected to the garage door opener carriage. The opener carriage is a system that moves the door along the track. The cord detaches the trolley through the attachment point from the opener carriage so that the door can slide along the rail. It allows you to open and shut the door manually.

- Return the Garage Door to Down Position

Once you are finished with moving your garage door and ready to re-engage the automatic door opener, you must return your garage door back to the down position.

- Pull the Release Cord Toward the Door

When it concerns emergency situation release cord, the trolley gets either linked or detached. These two positions modify the area of the spring lever on the trolley.

When the spring lever is extended, it indicates it's detached. When the spring lever is compressed, it suggests the position is required to re-engage the opener carriage. Pull the emergency release cable down and towards the door to position it in the connected position.

- Re-connect the trolley with the opener

Here we want to discuss 2 ways of linking the trolley with the opener carriage.

You can do it by hand by sliding the door along the track till the accessory point is retouched or you can utilize your garage door push-button control and it need to reconnect immediately.

In both circumstances, you will hear a loud click at the accessory point. After doing so, the emergency release cord must be reset and all set to be utilized once again.