8 Design Tips To Make Your Banner Stand Magnet Attention


Printed materials like banner stands play a significant role in getting the message of your brand or company across people. Apart from having a quality printing London services provider, another main key to producing attention-grabbing prints is a great design. 

If you’re planning to print banner stands, here are 8 design tips that can help them magnet attention. 

Proper layout

There’s a psychology behind a good banner layout. As what graphic designers know, people tend to look at a printed advertisement from top to bottom and left to right. With this principle in mind, you must make sure to place and layout your banner elements and details appropriately. 

Short but punchy copies

A banner with too much copy or text is exhausting to the eyes. Remember this simple rule in copywriting: keep it short and sweet. Use strong call-to-action words and catchphrases. And limit the information that you will be giving. Other prints like brochures and flyers can contain all the other details you need to relay to your audiences. 

Readable fonts

Just like how you don’t need too much flowery words in your copy, you should also keep your fonts simple and readable. Most of the time, graphic designers use Sans Serif fonts like Helvetica to help the audience read your message quickly. 

High-resolution images

Any printing London services provider would know the importance of high-resolution images. A banner stand with a pixelated image can hinder people from reading what is actually being promoted. On the other hand, a printed material with a strong, high-quality image will never fail to attract attention. 

Colour choice

The colour choice is another crucial key to elevating the message of your banner. As a general rule, designers don’t use more than three colours so as not to overpower the copy and the other elements of your material. 

Also, don’t forget that printers London may affect the colour quality of your banner stand. You must properly coordinate with your printing London company to ensure that your banner won’t get any color distortion once printed. 

Contact information

One of the most important details to include in your banner is your contact information. This includes your website, e-mail address, and phone numbers. Typically, these details are placed towards the bottom of the banner. Nonetheless, you must still make sure they are of the right size and are easy to recognize and read. 

Impermanent details

If you plan to use your banner stands on many occasions, don’t include details or information that are rather impermanent, like time-bound promos and offerings. Only will the presence of this knowledge be accepted if the material will be used for a just a specific event. 

Brand identity

When designing a banner stand, one thing you should always consider is branding. In the first place, printed materials like this are created for the purpose of promoting what’s your brand all about. Make sure that the overall look, the colours, the copy, together with the other elements, are aligned with your company’s brand identity.