What is the definition of "marketing"? Do you truly comprehend? Marketing is the shore, and the mark


Marketing is a four-year undergraduate major in general Fang GU higher education that belongs to the major of business administration. It is an interdisciplinary major that is based on economic science, management science, and modern information technology.

The major begins with satisfying the needs of customers, then investigates how enterprises can meet market demand, seeks the way of operation and business model innovation, and other market laws, cultivates people with a humanistic spirit, scientific literacy, and integrity to meet the needs of modern market economy, masters the basic theoretical methods of management, economics, marketing, and professional marketing skills, and has innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. Marketing's primary subjects to be studied include

Basic accounting, business administration, basic management, financial management, marketing, marketing planning, market research and forecasting, human resources management, business negotiation, basic economics, statistics, commodity science, logistics management, e-commerce, customer relations, and international business are some of the major subjects studied in marketing.

Marketing is also known as marketing marketing or marketing science, MBA, EMBA, and other classic business management courses include marketing as an important module for management and manager education, marketing is in the creation, communication, dissemination, and exchange of products, for customers, clients, partners, and society as a whole to bring economic value to the process and system of activities, primarily refers to the market for marketers to carry out The pr


What exactly is marketing?

How much do you know about "marketing" and what is the relationship between marketing and sales?

Marketing, Branding and Value Delivery