Chapter 77

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Mephistopheles - My name is Kairos! Could you show me the way?
-Kairos? Who are you?
Mephistopheles -Hey! do not make me say it again I already said I came here ... to see the Aries cloth!
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-Who is he ... an enemy?
Mephistopheles - gahahahaha! Where are you, Aries Cloth? I came here to see you!
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Mephistopheles - I'll find you and tear you to pieces! Excuse me, but ..... this cosmo of gold is disgusting ... ha! Look at that!
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Mephistopheles - Bah! What was that!
-You will not trouble the Lord's sleep! I am a centaur yoke and I will not allow it!
Mephistopheles - Ha? What's up buddy. Humans dance as I see fit .... and you think you can stop me?
-I will defeat you!!
Page 7
Mephistopheles - Rewind bio !!
-My body was a child again? Impossible!
Page 8
Mephistopheles - Haha ha! So what I did was kick your body back in time! I could have made you back to being an embryo, it would be more cute! But .... I want at least one viewer to see my show! Don’t you agree? Hahahah!
-Ugh ... stop!
Page 9
Mephistopheles - It's even well protected! Can not I destroy it? But at least that Cloth had been sealed in time! Just like the passage of time itself! I'll let you do what you think is best for now!
Damn chronos!
Page 10
-Are you going to ..... seal us?

Mephistopheles - Not you, because I'm not interested in anything! What am I going to do with Aries is just to cheat chronos, and you're in the way by chance. But cheer up! The seal will fall on you and on all this region! Look how beautiful, they'll be in a temporary detention!
You like it, admit it! It’s all the more human beings want! Thank me for eternity!
Page 11
Mephistopheles - It’s all thanks to me! Kairos!
-Stop that’s enough!
Since then, the city has been isolated from the world in the very flow of time ... along with the Aries Cloth…
Page 12
Manigoldo - Wait a minute Do you mean that this seal has to do with kairos and chronos, two great gods of time? And you expect us, this kid and me, to do something ?!
-But ... you two came here ... you came to this remote place that was sealed off by a divine power!
Page 13
I do not have any proof for what I say ... and I know I'm asking for a lot ... but! Master Avenir brought him here! He brought you here! For us, this is an amazing miracle! And I also believe…
Page 14
[Crystal robe!]
Wait, um, are you going inside without any cargo?
You will face the time! Do not know if your technique will work against it!
Page 15
Shion - But we don’t have time to choose! If I touch the Cloth, I can know what to do to get out of this situation!
-Please be careful! If you falter for a second, you will be absorbed by this temporal space.
Manigoldo - Shit! Right, right! Do what you want! but if you do something wrong, you'll get stuck here! And the two grandpas are going to mess with me!
Shion - Got it.
Page 16
Shion - Incredible .... it’s as if it was on fire, but without the heat the Cloth seemed closer, but now it seems more distant ... I feel my perception of the time disappearing slowly... quickly...
Page 17
Shion - I need to get to the Cloth quickly...
Page 18
Manigoldo - What is it?
-I do not know! This never happened before!
- Ha ... hahaha! I was right to leave a copy of myself here! I do not believe that Shion came personally .....
Page 19
-Welcome, Shion! You're the actor I do not need!
Page 20
Shion - What? Who is he? How? My body is changing too fast!

-Oh no! He will actually be sucked into the temporal vortex!
Manigoldo - So it was a trap! Come back, shion!
-there is no escape, shion. The future that you will create does not please me! we are at the crossroads of your life ... so let me change your future!
Page 21
-Die right here, shion!
Shion - This is bad .... my body continues to age... my time is very accelerated, soon I will be just a corpse! However, the Cloth is right there .... I need to get to it ..... to aries!
Page 22
Manigoldo - Damn! I have to do something!
-Wait! If you go there, the same will happen to you! Your body and your soul will disappear in space-time! All hope will be lost!
Manigoldo - that's true! So there's only one thing I can do!
Page 23
-He drew shion’s soul from his body!
Manigoldo - Now you can go to it, shion ?!
Page 24
Avenir - I was waiting for you.
Page 25
Avenir - There is much that needs to be said. No matter what the cost.
Shion - I am here...
Avenir - And I thank you for it. now, receive ....
Page 26
Avenir - my memories
Page 27
The souls of Lord Avenir and Shion are .... going to the Aries Cloth?
Manigoldo - bah! they went there and had a chat .... he will come back ..... and I will take care of the rest here ...... yes, yes.
Page 28
Manigoldo - That's perfect! Will it be a good warm-up to face the gods ?! This will be ... a very fun fight!
Page 30
Shion - What place is this? I've never seen cities like this ....
Page 31
Shion - What a sad scene ... no ....
Page 32
Shion - No!!
Page 34
Shion - But remember ... these is... this land is devastated. If that continues we will all be dead!
Page 35
Shion - The landscape is changing ... this is the sanctuary? My master and Lord sage ..... still young ... and also ....
Page 36
Athena - Avenir, you ..... where did you come from? And why do you want to wear Aries Cloth?
We need to understand that. We are in the midst of holy war ..... and our friend, the Aries Saint, fell into battle.
Page 37
Athena - who are you? I feel a very weak cosmos coming from you .... could it be?
Avenir - I am a legitimate aries Saint.
Hakurei - Talking bullshit again!
Avenir - I know it looks suspicious ... but ....
Page 38
Avenir - I know how ferocious a holy war can be, and how desperate they are .... but let me express my wish! I want to fight at your side! I want to end your regret, goddess athena! I want to defeat Hades once and for all! So he does not reincarnate anymore! If you can not grant me this ... then I beg you ... destroy these two gods in holy war!
Page 39
Avenir - for the sake of our future!

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