Garden for urban children to experience

As a master in management of natural resources and environment, Ms. Le Ngoc Hien (36 years old, Truong An ward, Vinh Long city, Vinh Long province) left a state agency, creating a combined gardening model for children. Clean agricultural experience.




"I chose the model of melon plant as the main type, then tested other varieties of liana attached" - Ms. Hien said.

With a capital of about 500 million VND, she invested in a membrane house on 1,000m2 of her family's land, located in the middle of Truong An ward with more than 2,000 melon stumps following a high-tech model.

"Thanks to the spread of social networks, the model of clean agriculture in the heart of the city is very interested in many people. The first melon season, people from near and far come check-in, there is no longer a fruit left in the garden." seemingly telling.

This model makes visitors like it because when visiting the garden, they pick melons by themselves.

"The happiest thing is that families bring children together in practical experience. Many children ask many questions and learn about how to do high-tech farming. Some of them can see the hardship of the profession." and cherish what the farmers do, "said Hien.

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In the second season, in addition to the melon, Ms. Hien also intercropped 500 Dutch cucumber varieties. According to observations, this melon has a large yield, the fruit is strewn from the base to the top. This melon only takes more than 20 days to be harvested gradually, every day there is stock to distribute.

According to the owner, although each kilogram of melon is much more expensive than ordinary melon, about 40,000 VND / kg, people love it and the goods are always in a state of "burning".

In order for the garden to be always good, green and clean and save water, Ms. Hien applies drip irrigation technology with understanding the characteristics of each plant, managing pests and diseases, balancing the plant's nutrition in each stage. For more fruit trees, the garden will raise a herd of bees, and every pollination season, bees will be released into the greenhouse.

"In the future, I want to share this knowledge with all children, students, students or those who want to experience and learn when visiting here" - Hien shared.

The model of urban, green and clean urban agriculture of the female 8X has been visited many times by Vinh Long Provincial Party Committee to propagate and propagate. In early September 2020, she was awarded a certificate of merit at the patriotic emulation conference of her home province.

In addition, she was also awarded many certificates of merit by the People's Committee of the province and the People's Committee of Vinh Long City to commend her efforts in the development of the agricultural sector.