What Is a Whiteboard Animation and What Does It Do?

Whiteboard animation is a video style that shows all illustrations being drawn step by step on a blank background. The author appears to be creating them. These illustrations are often accompanied by narration that guides viewers through the entire story. Whiteboard animated videos can be used for marketing, user onboarding, explainer videos, and other purposes.




Whiteboard animations: Why?


Animation whiteboard videos are a great way for your brand to be more visible online. Below we will take a closer look into the benefits of using whiteboard animation to enhance your brand strategy.


Whiteboard Animation Videos add Value

For almost a decade whiteboard-making firms have profited from the solution-oriented nature that whiteboard animation videos offer. The tool is a powerful way to share ideas in new ways, so why wouldn't they?


Whiteboard animated videos that are creative, affordable, and easy to make have been a great way to not only market your products or services but also to increase awareness. Companies also use whiteboard ads to raise brand awareness. Whiteboard videos are here for the long-term, and it is only fair that we say so.


We will be focusing on the top whiteboard drawing videos and their visibility in the market. We'll look into the future of whiteboard explainer videos.


Whiteboards appeared in schools first in the 1950s, and then made their way into digital technology in the 2000s. Businesses can use cartoon whiteboard videos to promote products and services, but they are mostly used for educational purposes.


Whiteboard videos usually include a mixture of hand-drawn visual components, audio in the form of a voiceover, and text.


Here are 4 reasons not to create an animated whiteboard explainer.


1. Educational format 

As we have mentioned, whiteboards appeared in classrooms as early as the 1950s. They are sure to bring back memories of being in the classroom.


No matter what purpose video animation has, it should be entertaining, vibrant, and fun.


2. Bland

While minimalism can be good for marketing (just ask Apple), whiteboard animations are often very boring. This is because whiteboard animations are often drawn with a black pen and a consistent background. This is a boring way to get people excited about your service and product.


Use colorful backgrounds to enhance your animated explainer video.


3. Inadequacy of versatility

Whiteboard videos, unlike custom animated videos that can easily be tailored to fit your brand's needs, lack flexibility because they all follow the same template/style. This makes it difficult for your video to stand out amongst the many whiteboard videos.


4. Issues surrounding quality

Whiteboard videos can be made in a very simple way, as they follow a specific style. While this may appear to be a positive, the quality aspect of animated whiteboard explainer videos is actually quite negative.


Time and precision are essential in order to create a high-quality whiteboard video. Many whiteboard videos look a little sloppy because not all companies do this. If you're going to invest, make sure to do your research.