5 Major Challenges Faced by iOS App Development Companies


09-03-2016 5 Major Challenges Faced by iOS app Development Companies


appIOS app development is viewed as a lucrative new-age career option and the demand for iOS app development companies are on the rise as smartphones are changing lives. But there are hours and hours of back-room drama that goes into the successful development of a mobile appapp.

iPhones are among the most popular smartphones, and being premium options, iPhone owners are viewed with people with more potential to spend. But there are numerous challenges an iOS developer has to face while building a solid app. Let's take a quick look at 5 common but important trials faced by iOS app development companies:

Trial 1 - Team-Work and the Transformation of Vision

iOS app development is less often a single man's success story. Behind it lies the keen eye of the designers who pays attention to every single design detail, the developer, who manifests the idea into functionalities and improves the responsiveness of the app, and the copywriters who strive to write content optimised for the small screen. It is important for all these teams to work together for the successful functioning of an iOS app development company.

Trial 2 - User-Interface

The success of an app greatly depends on its’ user interface. A beautiful, smooth, and speedy interface will have your users hooked on to an app that gives them maximum leverage. If a clean design and a smooth user experience are your top priorities, your app is sure to be an instant download hit. So, consistently generating user-friendly interfaces is a challenge for most iOS app development companies.

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Trial 3 - iOS Application compatibility

Developers face the mammoth task of making the new app compatible with all the different Apple products, including the iPhone and iPad. To avoid any compatibility issues, developers prefer to test their app using TaaS to identify and resolve bugs and other issues.

Trial 4 - Beta Testing

App-loading time has often been cited as an issue by reviewers. One quick way to make sure your hard work doesn't go down the drain is to do beta-testing. Once your app is nearly finished, it is important to check the usability experience and get reviews and insights from users (friends, colleagues or select group of customers) to further fine-tune your app’s functionality. It is also a good time to write up unique descriptions for your app and update the same in Apple App store.

Trial 5 - App Store Approval

The most important protocol that iOS app development companies need to keep in mind right from the development to publishing is to create the app that complies with app store rules and regulations related to content, copyright and the nature of the app. These rules are thoroughly reviewed by app store for copyright and other issues and one or two rejections could end up with your app being taken off from the store permanently. Save on time and effort by strictly following the guidelines.

Above all, an app should be self-explanatory. With users swiping through screens within mili-seconds you don’t want to stop them in their tracks and make them think about where to find something. Always innovate and execute with the end-user in mind.