Chapter 60
Page 2
Galan- This place continues with the beautiful view ever. Give to see the whole sanctuary, which you both loved and protected. Although this funeral urn is empty and serves only as a symbol ... because we could not even get your body back ... to make it up ... I brought wine ... and flowers to decorate your stone.
Page 3
Galan - Forgive me for the delay in coming to visit you ... Aiolos. Master Aiolia, whom you have left in my care, is fighting at this very moment ... in a place covered by deep darkness. He fights to save the earth .... but also to regain his honor ... and everything of more importance that was taken to him.
Page 4
Galan - despite all this responsibility that he has assumed for himself ... Master Aiolia .... has not yet been lost ... for you to have an idea he refuses strictly to wear the helmet of the Leo Cloth. He believes that because he could not protect you, your brother ... he has no right to receive the mane, which is the highest symbol of the lion. He thinks he's not worthy ... that he's not a real man.
Page 5
Galan - the feeling that he has for you is strong .... too strong. It ends up arresting Master Aiolia ... choking him like a curse. Aiolos ... if you can hear me .... I ask you to release your brother's hand and let him go. And your ... Leo Cloth... Master Aiolia carries, yes, in his cosmos ... the right to be a Gold saint... so, I'm sorry ... protect him …
Page 6
Galan - until Master Aiolia is freed from the bonds of his brother ... and becomes a true Lion ....
Aiolos .... did you waste the flowers? They smell so sweet ... they're not hyacinths. I know it has a strong aroma, but I found it suitable for this day ... do you know the meaning of this flower? It is said that Apollo, god of Greek mythology, gave this meaning to her ... when she lost the loved one ... and its meaning and ....
Page 7
Galan - the love that surpasses ... all sadness
Page 8
Aiolia - Opening the universe. Releasing cosmo.
Koios - I knew it ... his cosmos is unstable ... with few photons.... there is no way to achieve victory by using a weakened blow .... if you have no other strength beyond bravery, you are not able to escape death.
Aiolia - I already said.....
Page 9
Aiolia - that I have the strength to protect the others .... an indestructible force. Even facing the gods ....

Koios - you have to prove this ... so ... I will use all the power I have. The power that only the gods of antiquity ... carry within themselves ....
Page 10
Koios - the Dunamis. To destroy your photon Burst.... and give you, once and for all, the ultimate defeat.
Aiolia - For the power I am going to use ... will free you from this dunamis .... and send you right to the Tartarus, where you will find peace for your soul ... remember ... this power...
Page 11
Aiolia - which exists in the cosmos, which burns in the bosom of every human being .... it is the supreme force.
Page 12
Koios - right. Then this will be the confrontation between the supreme force granted to a human being ... and the power that only the gods can have ....
Aiolia - If I really have the power... to inherit the will of my brother .... I must get myself up without the help of others .... and face the adversary as the human being that I am !!
Page 13
Aiolia - a man ... has a duty to give his life for the one he loves !! Photon Drive
Koios - This ... is the supreme force he mentioned? It's a pity .... but this power....
Page 14
Koios -it does not affect me. Absorb photons.
Aldebaran - He absorbed the new !!!!
Shaka - It nullifies the blow before even forming the explosion !!
Milo - And with two blows in a row, aiolia’s cosmos is at an end !!!
Page 15
Aiolia does not even have more strength ... to continue fighting !!
Koios - I know it's not over yet. Your strength is not only that !! I'm here ... just waiting!
Page 16
Koios - Ebony rapier. You, the human! Unlike us, gods, we are exempt from death ... you, who have limited time !! If the cosmos that you own generates even this infinite force capable of creating the future! Show me once and for all !!
Aiolia - I do not feel ... nothing ... everything is disappearing ...
Page 17
Aiolia - all the sensations of my body are fading .... my five senses are gone ... until my sixth sense is disappearing ... what else do I have to lose? What's after that? Death? No, we Saints, we have a power that goes beyond that ... beyond death. Going beyond the limits. A supreme force ....
Page 18
Aiolia - Awaken, seventh sense
Page 19
Koios - Has his cosmos exploded ?!
Aldebaran - He was deprived of his five senses .... and the sixth sense was about to disappear !!
Milo - but ... this deprivation of the senses served to sharpen them even more .... until it set fire to your cosmos!
Shaka - At last, you have freed yourself once and for all, Aiolia ... now, you have attained full Saint status.
Page 20
Shaka - With your own strengths, you have attained the essence of the cosmos, the seventh sense.
Aiolia - Photon Drive
Koios - Acceleration of photons? But I took all the photons and there is no way he can create more! What do you want with this blow ?! Above?! I do not believe!
Page 21
Aiolia - Photon Burst
Page 22
Koios - Aiolia regained mastery over the photons that I absorbed into the black thunderbolt ... and made them explode, bringing the photons back to him ?! but ... I will not give him a chance to get them all together again. I'll throw a black lightning into your defenseless body !!
Do you want to go to the Tartarus, Aiolia? In that incomplete form ?!
Page 23
golden mane
Page 24
Koios the cosmos raised to the extreme and the full Leo Cloth unite ... to repel the dunamis !! He freed himself from all the bonds that bound his heart ... to reach a new level with his own power... in order to become a complete Saint!! And, at this very moment, this young man ....
Page 25
Koios - was completed as a man ... and a Saint
joined the photons.... all in his fist ... to launch the blow he considers the most powerful ... This yes ...
Page 26
Koios - Is a lion with gold tusks
Aiolia - Lightning Bolt
Page 27
yes .... it’s exactly this power... that will be necessary in the future .... Aiolia.
Aiolia - Hm?