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As a diversified portfolio, gold mining stocks can help mitigate volatility and financial risk. And though commodity prices are highly volatile, the share prices of gold miners tend to simply mimic the underlying price of gold, in our experience. In addition, aside from dividends, gold miners have historically offered growth to investors.

While gold mining stocks are considered riskier than gold and other precious metal investments, investing in gold mining stocks can provide an excellent return on investment.

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The stock market has been volatile lately due to current political and economic events. The safe bet is to invest in gold mining stocks for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are fundamental, technical, and cyclical, but regardless, all make it a worthy investment strategy in the current climate.

With the likelihood of a recession on the rise, there is a small group of investors who believe gold miners may have hit rock bottom, and now could be the time to buy-in. Gold mining stocks are struggling to attract investor attention, even as gold soars.

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