Chapter 84

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Shura - He dared to receive from the front ..... all the offensive power ..... amplified to the limit .... his own cosmo ?!

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Shura - with that, soon the cosmo grew in his arms ..... and repelled the attack! this is what Aldebaran created while still fighting for himself. he has created an indescribable horn!

Page 3

Aldebaran - I can not be more than .... grateful. again I was entrusted with the Taurus Cloth.

Page 4

Aldebaran - however ..... in these hands there is something greater than an ephemeral life .... this is the power to protect ..... my noble beautiful daughter who came to grow so strong. I thank Athena for giving me this power.

Page 5

Yosino - Dad ... I .... I ... just as I imagined ....

Aldebaran - your hair....

Yoshino - what?

Aldebaran - you dyed your hair again .... that is a violation of the educational regulation. and will also stress your mother even more. What will you do about it?

Yoshino - ah ..... in the new school I was told that the robes and hair color are of free choice.

Page 6

Aldebaran - so it's so in this case .... it's okay to be free. yoshino .... you have ... you will have the freedom .... to decide the person you want to be.

Page 7

Mordred - no! do not play with me! do not think .... it's up to you to decide the end of this battle !! I'm not finished yet!!

Mordred - so ..... I will return against my opponent.

Page 8

Mordred -  abandoning this fight ...... with such tranquility ?!

Aldebaran - at this moment would you be able to move? or rather, could you come back at another opportunity? I can always be your adversary. but first, it would be better if you were healed.

Mordred- I do not need your help !! You remind me of this guy I hate so much! You're just a hypocrite showing your feelings to help these people! a real father .... he abandons his children .... what you do and feed your ego unnecessarily! me me....

Page 10

Arthur - the earth ...... she is soaked ... blood ... many dead in salisbury .... you are not able to stop alone ... the person who would give relief to my body ... a my fatigue ..... the enemy that should have hit me ... my son ...

Page 11

Shura- king arthur pierced his body like that with a blade .... but the counterattack of mordred ....

hit king arthur !!

Arthur - this hand ..... will not be able to defeat me.

Aldebaran - he dodged ?! Just got his hair cut ?!

Page 12

Arthur - I am king arthur. the true master of excalibur.

Shura - he has the same face ..... as mine ?!

Page 13

Arthur - Excalibur !!

Aldebaran - do not look!

Shura - It’s like my technique! But the blade is at the fingertips ?! he did not hesitate to cut his own son in the middle. your heart is soulless ...... it’s cruel!

Page 14

Arthur - Aldebaran ..... you protected me when I was a nobody. I appreciate it, by heart. And thanks to you, I came back to you. you told me that it was right to cast our own destiny .... and the reason why we decide the path we confide in, the people we believe in or the gods in which we worship ....

Page 15

Is what makes me decide too. My way is washed of blood. and there is nothing more comfortable than that.

Shura - a teleportation ?! mu ?! So, this was your goal ?! Send mordred to awaken arthur ..... while making him pierce his body ?!

Aldebaran - Why?!

Arthur - the reason is very simple. this man over there.

Page 16

Arthur - I believe it will be a rather refined mission .... kill myself !!

Shura - when someone's fighting instinct becomes full ... that someone is the one who has become the asura.

Arthur - in counterpart ...... until the next time we meet, if possible ... I long for the one to be a decent opponent. someone who risks his own life .... well, very soon, I'll show you ....

Page 17

Arthur - that the one who lives on.... will be the true king !!

Page 18

the mental attack .....

Disappeared? however, something ... or rather, a great power .... also got lost, simultaneously.

Page 19

Shura - the manner in which Mordred wielded his blade ... revived Arthur's memories. If it was for this reason that they sent mordred, then ....

it means that they treat people as if they were merely resources. in this case ... there is no way to be the ones we understand. They are enemies to be feared. although we share the same position ... what do they think when they say they want to save the world ?!

Aldebaran - shura….

Shura - Who the hell ..... am I?

Page 20

Shura - me too ... in the same way as Arthur .... will I be able to go the other way?

Yoshino - shura are  ...... Shura!

Aldebaran - the Capricorn Saint, a warrior who protects the earth. one of my most important companions. I had no idea you had the same face as  Arthur. but that does not change the fact about who you are!

Aldebaran - I blindly believe you.

Page 21

Aldebaran - but now we must accept this reality. we must protect the last fortress.

Shura - the last fortress.

Aldebaran - like Arthur, also returned to earth, someone who totally lost consciousness. He lost all of himself, but not his power. the solution was to counterbalance his own revolt .... this person will soon have to destroy his own technique ... and do it internally.

Page 22

Aldeberan - a powerful cosmos that he can not control alone ..... a power that could exterminate us .... it’s  a double-edged sword but if he is able to wake up alone ... He will be in full conditions to use his power .. and if he goes to the side of the lost world …

Page 23

He will become…..a mighty enemy!