Beginners guide for dairy cows

Caring of dairy cattle is an important and challenging part of dairy farming. Dairy cows require extra responsibilities, hard work, duty of regular milking and feeding. From setup of shelter to provide best quality food every single aspect is important for us.


Dairy farming centers to raise cows for the production of dairy products. Remember only healthy and happy cows can produce milk in huge quantity and in best quality. Many people desire to have a cow for fresh supply of milk, cheese etc, but before you put yourself into trouble learn how to take care of cows with silage Agro.


Look into the following topics that are extremely important for dairy cattle-


  • Plump up for righteous breed

Imagine a situation of working hard on a cow, to look forward for milk and get to know that it isn’t the right mate. Get free from suchdoubtful situationsfrom beginning. Every cow’s breed is known for different characteristics. For milk, breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, Red sindhi, Rathi, are suggested because they produce high quantity milk. Also, Jersey and Guernsey breeds accepted as best producing milk.




  • Pay attention on comfort and security

In a study it is proved that cows produced extra milk with increased level of calcium when they were given chemical to boost happiness. In short if you desire for great results pay attention on their comfort. Cows spend 12+ hours lying down. Prepare a proper shed for them, ensure ease of grazing, tidy and spacious area, safety from sun especially in summer. Favorite food makes us happier, as it does to animals. Wheat silage is cow’s best loved food which makes them happy. Buy finest quality Wheat Silage from Silage Agro


  • Get ready for calving

First calving needs more attention. Although calving is a natural process which doesn’t requires any human help but your cow may suffer difficulties. Get a calving kit ready with a veterinarian proposal. Don’t use any calving jacks and other assertive methods.


There is a suggestion to keep the calf with cow rather than selling it. You may feel little minimization in profits at starting but this will secure cheerfulness of mother cow.


  • Supervise eating habits

A cow can eat 100 pounds of ration a day. Don’t allow cows to graze every time, it isn’t necessary. Just take care of eating habits. Consuming healthy food is important rather than consuming in great quantity. Reduce your dependence on traditional feedings and switch today to Silage agro which offers best quality silage for cows that ensures increase milk output.


  • Medical treatment and timely vaccinations

Accept the fact ‘Healthy cow is Happy Cow’. Cattle too require proper medical assistance. Don’t disregard. Proper vaccinations would keep them away from diseases. If your cow gets ill, visit to a vet immediately and ask for medicines. During that period stop the process of milking as this may cause discomfort.


  • Verify intake of proper nutrition

Some nutrients are required by mammary gland to produce milk.  Carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins are some of them. If these nutrients are taken properly then only healthy milk can be churned out. If you want your cow to take proper nutrients, give them Nutrimeal. It is the best source of energy fodder available in the market today.


  • Milking and breeding

You can use machines or do the process of milking by hands. But ensure hygiene for fresh milk. Some cows require to be milked 2 times a day. Secure yourself so that the cow can’t wander off.


Plan a proper breeding program. For productive and healthy cow, she should be calved once a year. 


This is a complete beginner’s guide. By following these steps, you can keep your cows productive. Connection of food and health is very complex. Don’t let your cows to eat deleterious food. Take care of them. Shift to Silage Agro today.