Is It Possible To Carry The Rental Car on a Ferry?

Renting a car to visit the beauty of any destination during the holidays has become a common fashion in recent times and therefore car rental in Greece is not an exception to it. You can find lots of travel agencies offering the services of renting a car to the tourists on fixed terms and conditions. Taking advantage of this facility almost all the tourists consider it as the best way to visit this beautiful country and its islands according to their convenience without depending on other sources of transportation.


But, the problem which most of the tourists face while renting a car in Greece, especially those willing to visit any of the islands in Greece is how to carry the rented car on a ferry? Because there are some islands like Paxos Island in the Ionian sea which do not have an airport and the tourists have to hire a ferry from the nearby town Corfu to reach the island. Interestingly, going through the concern of such tourists rent a car Paxos provides the facility of renting the car of their choice to visit the island and its surrounding areas.

Well, this is convenient for the tourists to Paxos Island, but what about the tourists to the other islands and even those who have rented a car and going to the Island of Paxos. Can they carry their car on a ferry? Because driving the car on the ramp of the boat and bringing back on the land and that also every time whenever the tourists visit the new island is not an easy task.



Unfortunately, most of the car renting groups do not provide the facility of carrying the rented car in a ferry, even if the island you are going to visit falls within the territory of the city you are visiting. However, nowadays keeping the demand of the tourists in concern some of the agencies have started offering this facility, yet there are lots of factors like the island you are going to visit, for how long you want to rent the car and the car rental company from whom rent the car, are considered.


Now the question arises that what is the process of carrying a car through ferry.


Searching the car rental company before your arrival: To avoid any last time problems it is better to search for such agencies in advance and contact them. Nowadays most of the car rental companies are having their official website detailing the terms and conditions for hiring the car from them. It is recommended to read the terms and conditions with full care to avoid any issue related to the car hiring contract.


Booking your ticket for traveling in the ferry: You will be required to provide the number of the car you want to carry in the ferry at the time of booking your ticket for traveling through ferry. However, as most of the car renting companies do not let you know that the exact car they will provide you for carrying, the ferry companies normally recommend referring “RENT123” at the place of number plate while booking your ferry ticket online.


Inform the front staff of the car rental agency: Before, driving the car from the car rental agency do inform its staff that you will carry the car in a ferry so that they can add the extra charges and clauses in your contract.


Final Word: In short, although carrying the rental car in the ferry is almost not allowed, yet certain agencies provide you this facility after complying with their terms and conditions.