12 men arrested on the latest crackdown on situs judi bola

On the latest example of US authorities’ crackdown on internet gambling, 12 men who helped run a multi-million dollar Costa Rica-based sports betting website were arrested and charged with illegal gambling and money laundering.


The US attorney in the Southern District of New York, which charged the group, said that the websites had gathered millions of dollars a year from hundreds of bookies since at least 2005.



The internet gambling operation was run by Carmen “Buddy” Cicalese, who remains at large, the US attorney said. His accomplices included men with a list of colourful pseudonyms, such as Louis “Lou the Shoe” Santos, Marc “Box” Group, and Carl “Sheepshead” Muraco. The case has been handled by the organised crime unit of the US attorney’s office.


The indictment claims the men were collecting fees from sports book-keepers within the US. The bookies would register their clients with the sites for a fee of $15-$30, and gamblers could then placed bets by phone or over the internet, via sites such as betwestsports.com, the indictment said. Sports betting, with a few exceptions such as horse racing, is illegal in the US outside of Nevada.


“If everything is done offshore, there is still a grey area,” said Joe Kelly, a law professor at Buffalo University. “If you are dumb enough to do anything in the United States, you are asking for trouble.”


Online sportsbook BigJuicyOdds.com to pay players turned down by online gambling site SBGGlobal


As part of a promotion, new sportsbook BigJuicyOdds.com has announced that it will pay out to players turned down on another online gambling site, SBGGlobal.com.


Just recently, the funds of up to ten players were recently frozen and seized by SBGGlobal. SBGGlobal stated that the event which occurred were due to allegations of the participants running a syndicate. “We won’t be cheated,” a spokesperson for SBGGlobal said.


“While we rarely have to, we do defend ourselves from this type of group play and it is clearly posted on our website, no syndicate or professional betting action allowed.”



BigJuicyOdds has offered to pay out an approximate total of $100,000 into the accounts of the customers at SBGGlobal without asking for a deposit.


BigJuicyOdds is an interactive online sportsbook, casino, racebook, situs judi bola and poker site that is dedicated to making its site a unique experience for its players.The company offers a large selection of popular online casino games, table games and poker games.


Director of operations for BigJuicyOdds, Charlie Stanton, said, “Player suggested promotions, special offers and one-on-one VIP treatment is the model we will follow.” “We will do anything to make our players comfortable and extremely satisfied,” he added.



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