5 Quick Fix for Overcoming Slow Website Loading Speed

Have you ever wondered why are customers bouncing back from your website so often? Why is your website not getting the traffic it deserves? Why is your bounce rate increasing every passing day? If not, you are missing out on something very tender, which could affect your website rankings and traffic. When we talk about a site's performance, website loading speed holds all the importance. If the website loads slowly, the customer can get back to the web and start searching for some other related sites. The low page loading speed can affect your revenue, so it is very essential to work on that.


 To avoid this, you need to fix the errors which cause your website speed to slow down. 


  • Optimize your Images


Pictures have become an integral part of any website. But in all this, we often tend to forget that mobile networks take time to download these beautiful images, which can automatically affect your website loading speed. So it's imperative to streamline the pictures by compressing them and then uploading them to the blog. Compressing the pictures can reduce the file size without changing their quality. The image won't look different from what it was like before. For this, you can use compressor.io to compress your images without losing the quality. Doing this can provide an overall better customer experience.


Another easy way to optimize the images is before uploading them at the back end. You can use Software like Photoshop or Photo Peas to do this. This will help in getting better engagement and better website rankings. 


  • Remove Useless Plugins


While installing plugins, we often tend to forget that they can be really harmful to our website sometimes. Cut out inactive plugins that are useless so that the website isn't massive and could load steadily. 


  • Link Your Images


Create Hot Links. Hot linking is the process when you display an image of some other site by linking it to your website. Hosting images can cut down external links and can help in the betterment of the page speed. 


  • Use A Page Speed Tool 


Using a good tool to analyze a URL's page loading speed is essential. It makes way for improvement in the website. For doing this, you can have access to "Page Speed Insights." A good page loading speed is essential for your site to rank at the top of the Search Results Page. 


  • Keep Up With Regular Updates


It moves without saying that your website should always be updated. The updates don't necessarily mean the latest WordPress updates and the plugin and theme updates as required. 


Speed is a crucial aspect of a website. It's the key by which you can make an idea of your website rankings, engagement, and bounce rate. Implementing the above mentioned techniques can get your website the perfect loading time. Don't do everything at once. Focus on what's important. At the same time you should also keep in mind that speed is not the only factor. Make sure you don't delete any important element just to make your website run faster.