Top 5 Graphic Designer Recruitment Companies

Are you looking for graphic design recruitment companies? The graphic design field has become one of the hottest fields today because of the demand for great designers who create eye-catching designs. There are several graphic design firms out there that you should consider working with if you want to get into the graphic design field.

As businesses continue to grow, they look for ways to increase their revenue. One way to do this is through marketing. Businesses are constantly creating new advertisements and branding for their products. Graphics play an important role in these advertising campaigns because they add a professional touch to the images.

Graphic Designers are in high demand especially now that the job outlook is extremely promising. As a result, there are numerous graphic recruitment agencies out there that specialize in recruiting graphic designers. Graphic designers recruiters work with graphic studios or freelancers to find them jobs. They also assist clients with selecting appropriate graphic designers and monitor projects until completion.



Freelancers in writing, graphic design, and software development may find work on Upwork. The website aids in finding tasks, client communication, and payment for specialists.

You can gain helpful experience whether you're a new freelancer or working in a new industry without always needing to sell to potential clients. However, the site is crowded with new workers eager to accept work for less money, which may affect your ability to make money.

Upwork helps people discover jobs and earn more money, but you should be careful when choosing which tasks to apply for.


  • Graphic Designs
  • Video and Audio
  • Development and IT
  • Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Admin & Customer Support
  • Consulting & HR
  • Lifestyle

Upwork Pricing

Payment for Upwork may be made in two different ways: hourly and at a set fee. Installing the Odesk/Upwork team application, which serves as a time tracker and a reviewer of the employee's work diary, is recommended for independent contractors who work hourly. Before commencing work, the employee must open the Team application's time tracker. All billable hours must be paid automatically by the customer, following Upwork's regulations. As of right now, the minimum hourly wage is $3.00 USD.


Recruit Ninjas


Recruit Ninjas collaborate with experts from various fields, including graphic designers for every assignment and front-end and back-end software developers. However, remote IT recruiting is their actual area of love. A stringent recruiting and vetting procedure with talent evaluations that include top-notch exams has been meticulously created. They can handle anything, from hiring entire development teams to locating the precise programmer you want.

For startups and mid-level businesses seeking to hire personnel in the IT sector, they are the employer of choice. They are more than just a worldwide employment organization, which explains why. IT and software development are industries that they are familiar with and adore. That is what distinguishes Recruit Ninjas as the ideal US IT recruiter.

Remote Employment for Software Developers, Graphic Designers, and Entire Development Teams

You may hire workers from worldwide and across many different specialties using a global hiring procedure. They can locate graphic artists to give your brand the appearance you desire. They also provide IT and software developers that can run your platform from the backend and customize it on the user end. Additionally, they can provide a complete development team if you require one for your projects.

Why Recruit Ninjas?

When you pick Recruit Ninjas, you are collaborating with a multinational recruitment firm that has productive relationships with over 1000 businesses. They have a lot of experience hiring for small businesses, medium-sized companies, and even major corporations.

Recruit Ninjas are the 2020 Payoneer's Business of the Year winners and an ISO-certified business.


They oversee and handle every step of your hiring procedure. The rate starts at 15% for Non-IT/Support Staff and 17% for IT/Technical Staff employees with a Gross Annual Salary.




With the help of 99designs, you can collaborate with web and graphic designers to develop any kind of design, including logos, websites, drawings, and much more.

You may arrange the way you submit your ideas to designers using 99designs' simple approach for publishing designs. Visions can be arbitrary, but the way they are created can help you produce a lot better end product than a standard graphic design job ad. 


The cost of a design job on 99designs varies based on its nature and if a contest or an independent graphic designer is launched. The cost of a logo can range from $299 to $1,299. More logo concepts and better-rated designers are included in higher-priced packages.

Pricing for website design begins at $599. More web design concepts and top-notch designers are included in more priced packages. Pricing for photography and video creation begins at $299 and $499, respectively. 

Contests are not suitable since both of these projects need you to be in the US and include a local professional going out to perform a shoot on location. The cost varies for other project kinds including marketing collateral, social media, merchandising, books, and drawings.

Pricing for 1-to-1 projects: You may engage a freelancer for a 1-to-1 project for any of the more than 90 design skill sets. Each 1-to-1 project is different, thus price is decided by taking into account both your spending limit and the rate your designer charges for the task.

A flat 5% platform fee will also be charged to you as a consumer to cover the costs of payment processing, marketplace security, and customer service.




A global internet marketplace for independent contractors is called Fiverr. The platform of Fiverr links freelancers (sellers) with individuals or organizations seeking to hire (buyers). The highest-paying jobs on Fiverr include website design, social media manager, proofreading and copywriting, resume writing, and "get a well-designed business card." 

The listings on the site are diverse and range from "get a well-designed business card" to "help with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery." When the firm was established in Tel Aviv in 2010, all tasks had a $5 asking fee, thus the moniker "Fiverr." These days, a lot of vendors demand considerably higher prices, and the website is steadily bringing in significant cash for its freelancers.


  • Using pertinent keywords and a search for the required service, employers may quickly browse through dozens of candidates.
  • Most independent contractors include a feature on their profile that allows you to compare available packages.
  • If a freelancer has not finished the order or if there is a disagreement, the website authorities provide help.
  • Utilizing the site is cost-free. Employers only pay freelancers for the services they receive.
  • Since freelancers choose their own fees, there are several pricing alternatives accessible.
  • Until the freelancer completes the job, Fiverr withholds your money.


  • Finding someone who is suitably qualified requires extensive prior investigation on the part of employers.
  • No price talks are permitted unless a special package is ordered; the freelancer sets their own rates.
  • While customer support can be contacted in the event of a disagreement, nothing can be done if the freelancer is unqualified.


The rates for projects from Fiverr freelancers range from $5 to $995.00. There are no subscription or enrollment costs. 80% of every sale goes to the freelancer.




Toptal is a multinational remote business offering a freelancing platform linking companies with software developers, designers, financial professionals, product managers, and project managers. The firm has no central office.

Toptal is a prestigious network of independent contractors employed across several sectors. They link clients with the best independent project managers, designers, financial experts, and software developers around the globe.

In less than 48 hours, you may establish a connection with a freelancer, and there are no restrictions on how much you can pay them. Toptal takes pride in only hiring the "top 3 percent" of talent and has a stringent screening procedure for all of its freelancers.

Contacting their subject matter specialists will put you in touch with a tailored freelancer with a 98% trial-to-hire success record.

Toptal Pricing

Registering with Toptal is free. They first scheduled an introduction call to comprehend your employment requirements fully. Based on the freelancer's credentials, Toptal will bill an hourly rate (starting at about $60/hr).

To create a search for you, Toptal requires a $500 refundable payment (to ensure you're serious). Toptal will refund the deposit and any fees for the freelancer's work if you are not happy with the performance within the first two weeks.


Graphic designer recruitments are one of the hottest industries at present times. They provide a variety of services from logo design to web design to mobile app development. Therefore, they are sought after by various businesses across the globe. Hence, graphic designers' job opportunities are expected to rise significantly over the next five years.