Live Video Azar Chat & Meet New People - Yay Live

In the Yay Live app, you can meet many interesting friends from all over the world.

It is a video calling app for making new friends, finding a face to random face stranger in all over the world!



Find friend easy and fast with millions of people and friend around universal,F ace Live are apply on during video call, Mobile Streaming Meet Daily new people.

Live video chat with people around the world

You can make live video chat on your phone anytime and anywhere.

When you are in a bad mood, work under a lot of pressure, and need to listen to your appeals, please come to the Yay Live app, where many friends will chat face-to-face with you in text and video.


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-VIDEO CHAT: Matches real people, and face-to-face video making friends makes chat more real.

-DAILY CHECK-IN: Every day you can receive free coins to enjoy making new friends and live video chat.

-INSTANT MESSAGING: Hang up live video chat is not mean the end. You can also check your call history and use free text chat to get to know each other deeply.

-SPECIAL GIFTS: Yay Live offers a wide variety of gifts to help you create a variety of moods during live video chats, whether it's a video chat or a text chat to make the experience immersive.

Yay Live Community Guideline
* Please respect other users and follow our guidelines to keep Yay Live a good environment.
* Pornography is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, Yay Live will ban your account.


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