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We made a lot of delicious food, such as egg tart, pizza, pasta, hamburger, salad, fried chicken and french fries.



This event is really meaningful to us, because we made these tasty food by using our aluminum foil container.

What dose it mean?

It means that as an international sales, we not only sell the products, but also have deep love for them.

The products we sell to you are also used by ourselves.

At the end of this blog, let me share a ridiculous thing.

Due to the hot weather in China, we decided to order takeout instead of going out. However, the restaurant only gave us 7 meals but there are 8 people in our team, then what should we do?



Do not worry, as an aluminum foil container supplier, there are various kinds of containers in our sample room.

Thus we choose a rectangle foil container to fill the rice. This container is so useful anywhere on account of convenience and practical usage.

Disposable Aluminum Foil Stove Cover Liners

The main product I want to recommend is Disposable Aluminum Foil Stove Cover Liners.It is not a hot item in aluminum foil container, and not as widely used as other products. The only use is to protect your burner stove.However, because of its simple use, make it a daily consumer for every family.

For me, after using this Aluminum Stove Cover Liners, I do not have to spend time cleaing the dirty stove and I could save time doing other things. We can say that it makes my life easier.In addition, the service life of it is not short, so you do not need to change a new one every day, you could remove it until it is dirty.Here are some comments from other clients for your reference:
  1. You do not need to worry about messing up the burners and getting charged for it
  2. I use these under the gas burners in my rv. Furthermore, it made my life a lot easier.
  3. We can drop them into trash, then you can replace with a new one.
  4. They fit great, make my range look new again, and I can’t live without them.
  5. These liners are a time saver.
  6. They last a long time look great. Moreover theydon’t burn or melt when the pot and the burner are on hot hot hot.
  7.  As a single guy I admit I’m not much of a housekeeper. One of my most dreaded tasks is that to keep the stove clean. Until now. The worst part is tokeep the area around the burners clean because of the built up crud that gets burned on. Now I just remove these handy covers and give the whole stove a few quick wipes then drop on the fresh covers. They keep the worst of the mess from accumulating around the burners, and not only make the stove look more presentable, but I think it looks good. Dang good. I’ll order more shortly.
  8. These are great to catch little food bits that tend to hit the range near the burners. I appreciate I can recycle them, and they cut down on the scrub work needed around the burners.
Therefore, disposable aluminum foil stove cover liners are a good helper for cleaning.July is our promotion month for the aluminum foil stove cover liners, welcome to inquiry!

Will Foil Pot Ever Rule the Packing Industry

We have written a blog about foil pot before. This time, let us talk about it once again from another different angle.

The first thing, please enjoy the short video with us.



Do you discover that there are a wide range of size in the video?

For containers including the pots, we describe and inquiry them about their sizes(top out, height, base, capacity).

In fact, we put great emphasis on depth instead of length and width. Some customers who run catering always choose deeper pots, they can pack hot pot within various kinds of vegetables and meat.

Pickled fish and grilled fish are also the hot dishes in famliy gathering, so aluminum disposable pots are the besy choice to pack them.

After getting the takeaway, you will find surprisly that the food in the foil pot is still hot. Even if you want boil and add some food into it, it is ok to be heated.Aluminum foil pot;foil pot


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