Crypto Revolt App Evaluation

Crypto Revolt is an auto-trading tool which advertises massive returns. Their platform is full of phony narratives. They represent the idea of making easy money. Nevertheless, that is definitely not the case.

This platform showcase a great deal of images and screenshots, however those are all photoshopped. In their marketing video, they have featured a few of the popular personalities. Do not let them puzzle you.

There is no details about the developers or designers of this software. Read our full review to find out why you need to avoid them at any cost.

License and Assistance

Any firm which provides services connected to the markets should hold appropriate legal files. Because this platform provides the general public with financial investment advice, they ought to be regulated.

We checked the FCA and FTC, however both of the authorities does not have a clue about this platform. In short, this company is running from the shadows and are most probably prohibited. Their platform does not provide any type of customer assistance.

If you join them and encounter any issue. There isn't anything you can do about it. Offered these kind of conditions, you must never amuse them in any method.

How does Crypto Revolt App Work?

Crypto Revolt App is a trading tool. This program claims to have an accuracy rate of 99.4%. Essentially, this software application scans the marketplaces and generate signals if it finds any legitimate pattern. In theory, this description appears affordable. However, that does not suggest you will be profitable.

We do not know which signs this algorithm considers before entering a trade. There is no proven trading history to support their outrageous accuracy rates. Additionally, the specifications of their algorithm are not tweakable to a large degree.

For all we know, the software might simply be generating random buy and offer signals. In short, you are betting with your money. There is no setting to handle the risk and money management. Furthermore, there is no limitation on the number of simultaneous trades it can activate at a time.

So, one bad session is enough to eliminate your whole account balance. Thinking about all these elements, this software does not deserve your attention in the very first location.

More Details:


Everyone would enjoy to benefit from the markets. Nowadays, fake platforms utilize incorrect narratives and attracting dollar figures to tempt people in. This software is said to generate returns of at least $1100 each day. If you do the mathematics, it amounts to more than $30,000 per month.

This sort of earnings is not easy to achieve and will absolutely not become your's with no skills. Scammers behind this software are making the most of the gullibility of the beginner investors and are filling their pockets. Do not give benefit of doubt to platforms like these, which does not have the guts to offer any sort of proof.

Domain Insight

Here is a rundown of the key statistics of this website. The following information was collected utilizing and

Because, this website is new, there isn't sufficient information to identify their traffic sources. The registrant info is unavailable.

Red Flags

First of all, this software is led by an anonymous group of people. They do not care about the transparency aspect. Furthermore, majority of the info provided by them is fake. This is the way a typical rip-off software application operates and it should be prevented at any expense.

There are a great deal of favorable remarks sprinkled around their website. Normally, reviews acts as a trustworthiness mark unless, it is twisted to their own requirements. All the photos and comments on their website are from bogus user profiles.

The images utilized are probably stock photos, that can be easily acquired over the web. Now, think for a moment, why would they lie about the consumer feedback, unless there is something fishy going on?

Crypto Revolt App Evaluation Conclusion

Crypto Revolt App is an embodiment of scams. They deal with uncontrolled brokers. Whenever a client signs up with their software and open an account with among their advised brokers. These fraudsters get a large commissions. No matter what anybody promises you, if there is no reputable evidence, then never entertain any deal.