Different Qualities of a PSA Oxygen Generator


PSA oxygen generators are needed for various industrial operations. Different commercial companies need a continuous supply of oxygen for their production. A PSA oxygen generator functions on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, which is simple and safe for operators. It fulfils high requirements of pure oxygen in the paper, glass, chemical, and wastewater treatment and metallurgical industries. MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provides the best quality PSA generators for producing oxygen.

Properties of oxygen produced by a PSA oxygen generator:

Desired flow rate –

The generated oxygen flows out of PSA generators at a rate ranging between 1 nm3/hr and 200 nm3/hr. If any industry needs higher oxygen flow, then the VPSA generator is the best option to meet the requirement.

Purity level –

The purity of oxygen is usually 93±2%, which is the essential quality of PSA generators. As atmospheric oxygen remains mixed with nitrogen and many other gases, only the mechanism of a PSA generator can provide such high-level purity of oxygen. 

Extreme dryness –

The dew point of generated oxygen is usually very low, extending to (-) 40 degrees Celsius. Hence, the oxygen generated from this plant is very dry, and users do not need to worry about its humidity level. They can also use the instrument for measuring the humidity of the gas offered by MVS Engineering.

Required pressure –

The usual pressure level for oxygen generated from a PSA oxygen generator is 5Kg/cm2g. Suppose any company needs a higher-pressure level for storage or other purposes. In that case, MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd provides a booster compressor, which can enhance oxygen's pressure level.