Questions to ask your local copier dealer before renting a printer

With an increasing business size, a copier becomes an essential requirement. Either you can purchase a copier or invest in one. Buying a copier comes with its pros and cons so most likely, offices opt into a leasing agreement coupling it with a print service agreement with your local copier vendor. All Office copiers eventually break or malfunction in some sort of way due to many people using them and eventually put a halt in your day-to-day operations. The right printer makes a world of difference. A solid office copier does everything you need. It is important to be associated with a copier dealer who is capable of giving you excellent support so that downtimes do not stop the work for long hours. Express Digital Systems is considered as one of the best copier dealers and they also provide canon photocopiers on rent.


There are so many things to consider while leasing a copier which means a long list of decisions to be made. Also, there are many questions to be addressed, some obvious and some not so much. The perfect machine is out there, all you have to knowis what to ask before you commit to an agreement for leasing this office equipment for your business.


Advantages of Buying or renting copier locally: –

When you buy or rent your copier from a locally-owned copier service, gives you the comfort of being close by for repair and services. Renting or buying from local businesses is gratifying as they are always there rather than from a faceless corporation headquartered far away. Few advantages to be considered from a business point of view:


  • You can get personalized service and gives a copier that matches your business needs.
  • Fast, immediately-accessible support is available.
  • Maintenance and best service guarantee assurance can benefit your business. 
  • Manufacturer-owned dealerships often only offer the bare minimum support and maintenance services and involve long processes and wait times when it comes to repairs, updates, or replacements.
  • Local dealers also give you a wider array of options because they deal with multiple copier manufacturers, unlike manufacturer-based dealerships who do not have much choice to offer. you are stuck with limited choice.

Basic Questions to ask the dealer:

  • Does the copier give black and white or colour prints?

Some printers are purely black and white while others have colour printing capability.


  • What is the volume of printing this copier holds?

You must know the volume of printing to narrow down your search for a printer. Every printer has a pages per minute speed (PPM) capacity that helps in expediting print jobs without wasting time.


  • Can one printer handle a large number of people who need to use it?

If it is a large office, one device might not be capable of catering to everyone’s computers and maintaining the speed required.

  •  What all functions can the copier provide?

A multifunction printer scans, copies, prints, and faxes from one device. You must check if the rented copier has these functionalities.

  • Can the copier be updated with the advent of new version availability in the market?

Technology is constantly changing so it’s best to ensure that the copier is not an outdated machine. The rental dealer can update the latest version in the due course of time.

  • Is it mobile compatible?

people are working off of their own mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, laptops — and that requires mobile printing.

  • Would you need ongoing support under contract? 

Yes, that’s important. if something happens, all it takes is a quick phone call and help arrives. Make sure your dealer is aware that you may need service outside regular business hours or on weekends and it is clearly written in the service contract. 

  • Does it fit your budget?

Most importantly consider your budget for operational costs as well. Apart from the installation cost, you should look for an energy-efficient device that won’t add to your electricity bill or a printer that doesn’t require over-the-budget toner cartridge replacement. An operating budget is need-to-know information before you buy or lease. Express digital provides a canon printer on rent and it does not require too much maintenance.

Always ask the questions in advance to safeguard your interests and ensure that your office copy machine is working. Express Digital Systems provides the canon laser printer in Delhi at the best prices.