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Looking for Best Engineering College in Kerala? Searching on search engines? Getting more confused? According to anyone best college should have best faculty, best infrastructure, best tech lab, pleasant environment etc. Every parent want to invest their money in best college. But if someone search online for best college you will get hundreds of result from which it is very difficult to find the best college. If you take advice from different people they will also place different opinion. So what to do?

Kerala is having highest literacy rate in India, eventually in recent years Kerala has upward with more than 160 engineering college both in public and private. But every college cannot be the best, now the problem is how to choose the best college. So, here are some guidelines for a student to follow while they search for the Best Engineering College in Kerala.

Firstly, look for the vacant seat over a last three years, if the college is good than the seat vacancy will be nil. But the vacant seat is less than 20% every year and it is decreasing then it is good college. Recent trend says that only public college faculty is good but it lacks infrastructure and facilities, but it is not true for now because we can see that some private colleges are also providing best faculty with best faculty. Secondly, student should go through the list of faculty and their experience and skill, best college is having teachers with 10+ years of experience both of teaching and industrial, to make student environment ready and more capable of handling job and work. Thirdly Placement, student should check the list of MNC’s and private public company having tie up with college. Placement is the important component of any college for being the Best Engineering College in Kerala.

At last every student want placement and average salary package, if college is having tie up with good companies than only they can provide student with good placements. Candidate should check the previous records of placement and salary package.

Lastly, Infrastructure private college are believed to have a better Infrastructure as compared to public college. On college website one can see the best images of college at best angles, but reality can be seen only on college visit. During visit you can see the classrooms, labs, recreation area, library, transportation systems and etc. so here are few points consolidated to choose the Best Engineering College in Kerala.

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