Relation between Sexual Health and Aging

There has been a lot of research done on the relationship between sexual health and aging. Sexual health is more important now than ever before in our culture. We are learning that maintaining a happy, healthy sex life is important for overall body and mind health. Many people are practicing safe sex and are staying sexually active throughout their lives. While this is a great prevention tactic, it can only do so much. However, with age, men face problems like erectile dysfunction. But there are various solutions to solve this problem. You will find the best treatment at www.buycialis.org/. On this website, you will get medicine to treat sexual problems in men.
Men and women tend to lose sexual desire as they age. Men begin to lose interest in foreplay and become less interested in the physicality of lovemaking. Women typically experience less interest in sexual activities, which leaves them less fulfilled in the bedroom. While sexual satisfaction for men usually peaks at around forty, for women, it usually begins to decline around the time of the first menstruation. Both men and women experience decreased sexual desires and performance as they grow older.
Along with decreased sexual health, there can also be a decrease in overall health. Men and women are generally more physically apt to acquire infections and diseases as they get older. There can be a link between poor health and aging, specifically cardiovascular disease and diabetes. People who are unhealthy tend to have a lower energy level, which can lead to a decreased enjoyment of life.
An increased risk of prostate cancer and other sexually transmitted diseases can also be connected to unhealthy sexual practices. Men who engage in multiple sexual partners, or are sexually active with someone who is HIV positive, run the greatest risk of contracting HIV. Men who have unprotected sex with women who are HIV positive run even greater risks.
Women are not immune from the negative effects of aging. While sexual satisfaction and frequency may peak during younger ages for women, as they age, their interest wanes. There can be a negative impact on marital satisfaction and reproductive health. In general, women experience lessened sexual desire and performance as they age. As a result, many physicians advise women to remain realistic about the impact of aging on their sexual satisfaction and to take the necessary steps to increase sexual interest and performance.
Overall, there is not a direct relationship between sexual health and aging. However, it is important for men and women to be aware of potential adverse effects on their health as they age. Some men are encouraged to seek treatment for impotence and low sperm count. Women can also benefit from increased sexual interest, as there can be a reduction in the number of years that women live at a time.

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