OTT services are provided to ensure

Currently, the Indian telecom sector is moving towards bringing 5G technology in India. However, consumers are still struggling with some basic issues like poor network coverage. Thus, more along with bringing innovation in the market, improvement of existing infrastructure should also be stressed upon.

Emerging Competition issues
Under competition law, one of the initial aspects which come under consideration is the determination of the relevant market. In the case of CCI v. Coordination Committee of Artistes & Technicians of W.B. Film & Televisions, it was observed that the purpose of defining "Relevant Market" is to assess, with identifying systematically, the competitive constraints that undertaking face when operating in the market. However, considering the complex structure of the telecom sector and evolving dynamism, it becomes very hard to define the relevant market in this sector.

As already discussed, "Quad Play" is one of the emerging bundling services which collaborates the OTT platforms with the mainstream telecom services. This shows the shift in consumer behaviour. Along with low price factor, data speeds and bundling offers are creating new competition rivalry between the telecom operators. In upcoming days, it could be seen that an operator who will provide the best price to the consumer along with other services, will emerge as a dominant player in the telecom sector. Furthermore, the integration of OTT platforms with telecom operator could trigger vertical competition issue. However, there is no evident proof of the same. Instead, the telecom stakeholders are claiming it to be beneficial for both the operators as well as consumers. 

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