Vidmate 9Apps

Vidmate is one of the most exorbitant and exhilarating videos downloading apps. It is mainly optimized in acquiring the complimentary downloads of numerous videos from various other sites without any restrictions in it. This app is completely eradicated and accessible for Windows 10 and Android devices as well to the full extent. Not only that, Vidmate functions successfully with several other video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. On the other hand, this app fully solves the issues of those people who quite often struggle in downloading videos and music from the most famous YouTube site. Nonetheless, Vidmate App can be easily captivated and downloaded from the most recurring app store of 9Apps without any hurdles in it. Additionally, with the Vidmate App at the tip of your hand, you can easily and gently assume the video downloading experience from the dearest sites with a rapid downloading access in it. Contemporarily, this app very well protects the device from various anti-virus files that appear while downloading videos from other sites.

In other words, Vidmate holds in a huge bundle of autonomous features in it which generates video downloads in a quite convenient and comfortable manner to control. Accordingly, this app allows you select the best of the resolutions and formats as per your choice to store on your computer from plenty of other alternatives which are present on your site especially from the one which its been downloaded. For instance, as YouTube provides videos in various other resolutions that adjusts to your screen size. Then this Vidmate will independently uncover these versions of the video and grants you an option of which one to store on your disk. Thus, Vidmate provides you around 20 types of varied video-sharing sites which can be easily accessed from its major interface so that you can graze for videos without the need of any extra web browser.

Some of the Exciting Features of Vidmate are as follows:

  1. Vidmate is configured with the best user-friendly interface which enables you to gently navigate the dearest videos as per your format with the best of the quality as well
  2. Through this app, users can easily captivate the downloads of the Video in HD quality, lower quality and so on
  3. Video download can be easily done with random speed of more than 200% faster than various other video downloading apps
  4. Vidmate assures that the downloaded videos take place from the trusted sources to protect your mobile device from other viruses
  5. Safeguard your personal videos by assigning a passcode on it
  6. Assign a media player for running all downloaded videos
  7. With Vidmate apps, you can furnish a Live TV from the videos downloaded
  8. Continuous downloads from various websites can be done through this Vidmate app


Lastly, to facilitate and operate this Vidmate app on your device and obtain the downloads of various videos on your mobile, then get into the app store of 9Apps and acquire the rapid download of various videos and obtain the complete pleasure without any difficulty in it.