Chapter 80

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Aiolos - the seal of the sanctuary was destroyed by the great Zeus .... would it now also be possible to move in space?

the underworld .... it should not be involved in this great war, right? because there is a "non-aggression pact".

Hades - It is in respect to this pact that I come from. because you, Aiolos ..... are worthy of pity!

Aiolos - what are you saying?

Hades - many people ... his compatriots and his companions in whom he trusted his friends .... as well as his only beloved blood brother, the one who had to kill with his own hands ... yet ....

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Hades - You were not able to save this world!

Aiolos - are you saying ... that the power of a single person is not able to perform a miracle?

Hades - No ... even people can achieve miracles. the power of human will is infinite! inside it lies hidden the blessing that the gods have bestowed on humans. this, the basis of your power ..... the power of the Saints.... the cosmos!

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Hades - however, even being a Saint, he who can save the earth ..... can only be for that chosen as the "hero."

Aiolos - "the one chosen as the hero"?

Hades - the "hero" must be the one guided by time and destiny. I'm sorry to inform you, Aiolos .... but you're not that person. As long as you are the "hero" of this world .... the world can not be saved forever.

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Aiolos - I never thought of being a hero. As long as he rescues the earth, I'm satisfied. this "hero" .... no matter what happens to me ... even if I have to sacrifice everything I have .... I will become the shield of this "hero". tell me, hades, emperor of the underworld, do you know him? Who is this "hero"?

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Hades -it's already too late The hero is no longer part of this world.

Aiolos - he is dead?!

No….Let's say he’s in a  worse situation than death. He disappeared completely !! and this was done by my own hands.

Aiolos - I understand .... so are things?

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Aiolos - he ... the one who will save everything .... the true .... HERO! Besides, it is he who will inherit my Golden Armor!

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Hades - the one who was pierced by the sword I, Hades, the emperor of the underworld, had.... never received the tranquility of death. the pegasus .... and even your soul ... find yourself in an impossible place ... you find yourself wandering out of the cycle of reincarnation. he is in the empty world! because it is in the void, time does not pass and thus it remains outside the cycle of reincarnation. and so he can never return.

Aiolos - this is the true annihilation!

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Hades - whatever the age, the pegasus has always been considered a key piece ..... the hero, the savior of the world, and one who has the confidence and love not only of the gods, but also of the whole world! While pegasus remained alive, humans were always able to save the earth. there was always the chance that a miracle might happen ... it was the last hope left of the Pandora's box. but this has already been lost altogether. the pegasus, of this world .... will never return again. hope .... has been completely extinguished from this world.

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Aiolos - shun .... I believe that the emperor of the underworld is not so, so benevolent. the fact of being here .... was due to the heart of Shun still in you. and that's what I believe in. as well as Aiolia ... even if you have become the receptacle of a Great God ... the strong feelings of a person ..... will not disappear completely.

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Aiolos - shun, even now, I, as a human .... I trust in you!

Hades - Aiolos .... for athena, for your family, for your friends, for your companions, for the world .... do you have the courage to give up everything for them ?!

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Aiolos - from the beginning I gave up everything! in fact, if this way I can save everyone, then nothing else matters to me. even if my body burns in the eternal flames of Hell, even though I am considered a heretic .... nothing else matters!

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Aiolos - even if I get corrupted. I do not care!

Shiryu - what is it? these images etched in my mind .... would be an illusion ..? but what .... everything is so vivid!

Roshi - It's your memories, Shiryu .... they're being merged! it was probable that he would experience this sensation. your name has many potential past.

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Roshi - different worlds and universes coexist very closely in the multiverse. people just can not identify the boundary between them. but if there is someone who can detect this border, it is possible that the memories will merge. the reason for all this, shiryu, is that you can identify it. you know your counterpart from another world and so ..... the memories of this other world are flowing into you.

Shiryu - Are you telling me .... this is the other world ?! other .... reality ?!

Roshi - exactly! This is what this other world is for me. now they have synchronized the memories of your world, these memories being your reality.

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Shiryu - more of the past and the future. what will it be ..... that you can see in the other world? I can not move my body ... it's very cold ... my eyes ... are they closed? now I can open them one more time. I'm watching!  but what? Debris? what happened with me? I'm very close to the ground. Who was that person I happened to be defeated? Why can’t I get up? if I'm like this .... of course .... now I understand ....

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Shiryu - I can no longer get up ... this is death! my field of vision is disappearing, my perception is clouded .... will it be because I lost a lot of blood? what happened? Someone killed me? who killed me?

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Shiryu - hyoga ?! Even a man like Hyoga was defeated ?! He is dead? Who was responsible ?! Who killed hyoga? who killed me? who??!

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Ikki - moment of hesitation ... not that I have left. the thousands of millions of lives of the people of the earth and ..... the life of my only brother ... in that case …

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shun, to save the earth. I will have to take your life!

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