Safe abortion is every woman’s right

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In India a woman daily gets so many unsolicited opinions, some of them to an extent are said to be a part of a culture, like women wearing short clothes is against our culture!. A woman has always been told what to be or act right from when to get married to when to have a child you know how her ovaries are dying. And yet it is bizarre that women are shushed when it comes to talking about their anatomy in public. Abortion is such one taboo that women should not talk about out in the open. As women, instead of knowing about the rights and laws of their bodies, there is a whole lot of stigma that clouds their access to rights.


The young women in our country are strayed away from such topics as sex education and abortion. It is not just termination of pregnancy, there is a lot more to know and educate ourselves. Do you know that more than half of abortions that happen in India are unsafe and the mortality rate due to these unsafe methods is about 13 per cent? We must raise awareness about legal and safe abortion hospital in India so that no more young lady goes through risking their life again. In this article, you’ll know what is never being told of Abortion. 


The new Amendment in the MTP 1971 has liberalized the law and made it more accessible to women and helps them make a decision such as the limit of abortion has been changed from 20 weeks to 24 weeks and women with any marital status can confidently, without any hesitation can go to a clinic.


Unsafe Abortion to date remains one of the five leading reasons for maternal death, despite the fact they are preventable. In India where a huge part of our country is still backward and many young girls do not have the access to legal and safe abortion hospitals in India, they will risk their lives to end the pregnancy.


Some of the unsafe ways that women use to terminate a pregnancy are


  • Trying to break the amniotic sac inside the womb with a sharp object. This method can cause infection or injury to internal organs, leading to death.
  • Inserting toxic mixtures such as chilli peppers and chemicals inside the woman's body can cause a woman to go into a toxic shock and die.
  • Trying to self-induce abortion with over-the-counter drugs or illegally bought drugs. And these drugs may put a lot of stress onto the body.


The scale of post-abortion complications is enormous. So many women and girls end up in hospital every year and some go through permanent disability and some may never be able to carry a child again.


Hence, it is a medical emergency where the right guidance is very important. Many women feel that it will be very expensive but there is much low-cost abortion hospital in Delhi that are safe and provide the same services.


One must only go to a professional where they will help you out with all the problems and work towards your solutions. Even to teach and will guide to a safe abortion with pills. Four types of abortion are safe and legal, which most of the doctors prefer are 


  • Methotrexate and Misoprostol ( first 7 weeks)
  • Medical Abortion (7-10 Weeks)
  • Vacuum aspiration (10-16 weeks)
  • Dilation and Evacuation (14- 24 Weeks)


When you visit a professional they will counsel you on the right procedure depending upon your trimester of pregnancy and your analysis. The cost of abortion in Delhi defers from other areas. You should do your research and find the one where you feel comfortable.


The best way to strengthen the access to safe abortion services is to ensure that the right information and help reach women, connect with helpline number who will help figure out the right next step. Also a range of choices made available like low-cost abortion hospital in Delhi, Safe options, where women don’t need to disclose any information they don’t feel they want to.