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Corporate media puts the interests of the 1% ahead of all of us. That's wrong. The corporate media and the billionaire class have controlled the narrative for way too long. In totalitarian countries, the government uses state media to manipulate public opinion and squash dissent. In America, corporations use those same tools to convince voters that commonsense, overwhelmingly popular ideas are impossible. 

Humanitarian Hoaxes

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n this interview with The New American’s Alex Newman author and political analyst Linda Goudsmit outlines some of the pseudo-humanitarian #hoaxes that have been used by world-government advocates to undermine American #freedom on the road to a #NewWorldOrder.

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Charles Moscowitz and Linda Goudsmit discuss the NWO agenda

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The Humanitarian Hoax of Globalism: Killing America With Kindness – hoax 24
By Linda Goudsmit
April 9, 2018



The Humanitarian Hoax of Globalism: Killing America With Kindness – hoax 24
The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

The humanitarian hoax of globalism requires clarification. Globalism is the internationalizing of sovereign nations into a federation of one-world government ruled by the globalist elite themselves. Globalism is internationalized collectivism.

Globalism is NOT to be confused with global trade. Global trade is the import and export of goods and services across international boundaries.

Why is understanding the distinction between globalism and global trade so important? Because the globalist humanitarian hucksters are busy conning the American public with promises of cheaper goods through global trade deals to disguise their sinister underlying motive of collapsing the American economy. Globalism requires a collapsed America to internationalize it into the globalist New World Order that the humanitarian hucksters intend to rule.

The humanitarian hoax of globalism is based on asymmetric information – Joseph Stiglitz's theory of economics where one party to an economic transaction possesses greater material knowledge than the other party. The globalist humanitarian huckster relies on asymmetric information to sell global collectivism to an unsuspecting public.

Wiki explains the differences between two asymmetric information models. "In adverse selection models, the ignorant party lacks information while negotiating an agreed understanding of or contract to the transaction, whereas in moral hazard [models] the ignorant party lacks information about performance of the agreed-upon transaction or lacks ability to retaliate for a breach of the agreement."

Globalism exemplifies both the adverse selection model and the moral hazard model. This is how it works.

Collectivism, whether it is called socialism, communism, Islamism, or globalism, denies freedom of speech and the ownership of personal property. Theoretically, collectivism means giving a group priority over the individuals who form the group. In practice collectivism awards all the power and privilege to the ruling elite Equality simply cannot exist in collectivism because there is always a power structure.

A free society requires free speech and the ownership of personal property – both are fundamental to American life and guaranteed by our Constitution. The Culture War against America is an asymmetric information war against both freedom of speech and ownership of personal property. The globalist elite are using asymmetric information as a war weapon to collapse America from within. A free society supports individualism and upward mobility – collectivism does not.

Collectivism, as an economic theory, awards control of the production and distribution to the group. Collectivism as a political reality enslaves the population and establishes a master/slave infrastructure – collectivism is the absence of individual freedom. The ruling elite has absolute power over production and distribution – it has complete centralized social and economic control over the group. The globalist elite know this and they are duping the public with asymmetric information.

Asymmetric information succeeds in an environment of controlled, curated, censored information. The current concentration of information by mainstream media giants of television and the Internet is a system of asymmetric information that is indoctrinating the public toward collectivism by eliminating free speech in the public square.

So, why is it necessary to eliminate free speech and private property in collectivism? Because without these two elements there is no upward mobility and no middle class. There is only the ruling class and those who serve them. This is how it works.

America's thriving middle class is a direct impediment to collectivism. People often think it is the big businesses who support jobs in America but in fact it is small businesses who employ the vast majority of workers. Trade deals unfavorable to American businesses drive jobs offshore making the unemployment rate go up and more people dependent on the government. NAFTA, TPA, and Obama's excessive rules and regulations are all job killers designed to drive businesses out of America. Why?

Besides the obvious national security threat of driving essential businesses offshore, the small business closures destroy the middle class which leaves the top and the bottom of the pyramid intact – exactly what the globalists need to socialize and then internationalize America.

The socio-economic infrastructure of collectivism is cradle-to-grave dependence upon the power of a centralized government. Collectivism is a return to the feudal pyramid of the ruling class, their enforcers, and the general public. There is no social justice or economic equality in collectivism. There is only childish dependency upon the ruling elite.

Wars are won and lost on the basis of information. The Culture War against America is an asymmetric information war being waged by globalists against American sovereignty. These humanitarian hucksters are using asymmetric information to persuade America that life in their globalist collective will be different from life in socialist Cuba, socialist Venezuela, communist Russia, or Islamist Iran. It won't. Collectivism by any other name is still collectivism.

BUYER BEWARE! Asymmetric information is conning you. Cheap goods are very expensive. They are destroying manufacturing jobs, businesses, and the middle class in America.

The hysteria over President Trump's tariffs is pure political theater and deliberate asymmetric information of the globalists in their war on American sovereignty. Globalist humanitarian hucksters are America's mortal enemies using the adverse selection model and moral hazard model of asymmetric information to destroy America from within.

© Linda Goudsmit




Dr Richard Day, Planned Parenthood Director, Outlines illuminati Plans For You!


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Selling Socialism to America

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Wars We Were Never Meant to Win

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Medical Jihad Means Death to the Patient

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Countdown to Civil War

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No Holds Barred: The Swamp Offensive  

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The Humanitarian Hoax of Raising the Minimum Wage: Killing America With Kindness

Linda Goudsmit Linda Goudsmit - July 27, 20170
by Linda Goudsmit The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised...

The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change: Killing America With Kindness

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by Linda Goudsmit The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised...





Linda Goudsmit Linda Goudsmit - July 20, 20170
by Linda Goudsmit The First Amendment guarantees Americans the freedom of religion in the “establishment" clause: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom...

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Ideological Tribalism: Graduating Stepford Students

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by Linda Goudsmit London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan believes that terrorist attacks are part of living in a big city. REALLY? Why should Western cities and societies accept the barbarity of jihadis determined to conquer...


The Humanitarian Hoax of Open Borders: Killing America With Kindness

Linda Goudsmit Linda Goudsmit - July 17, 20171
by Linda Goudsmit The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised...



Linda Goudsmit Linda Goudsmit - July 17, 20170
by Linda Goudsmit America is a divided nation and supports two distinct narratives - the narrative of survivors and the narrative of victims. The survivor mentality created America and is defined by its core values of...


Linda Goudsmit Linda Goudsmit - July 16, 20173
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Humanitarian Hoax in the Military: Killing America With Kindness

Linda Goudsmit Linda Goudsmit - July 15, 20173
by Linda Goudsmit The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised...


Marriage and Divorce in American Politics

Linda Goudsmit Linda Goudsmit - July 13, 20172
by Linda Goudsmit CNN White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny described President Trump’s Warsaw speech: “This is a white America, America first kind of speech." Bobblehead Jeff Zeleny got it half right which is a record these...




Hijab, Female Oppression and the Left

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - July 9, 20172
by Linda Goudsmit Only a left-wing liberal living in subjective reality could promote the hijab, the quintessential symbol of feminine oppression, as fashion. The idea is so spectacularly stupid that it defies description. This is yet...


Orwell’s Doublespeak:  The Language of the Left  

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - July 9, 20172
by Linda Goudsmit George Orwell introduced the language of doublespeak in his dystopian novel published in 1949. Doublespeak is the language of opposites. Up is down and down is up. The word doublespeak derives from two...


TOLERATING THE INTOLERANT:  The Tipping Point of Multiculturalism

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - July 1, 20170
by Linda Goudsmit It is often necessary to look backward to move forward. The United States of America was founded upon the democratic principles of freedom, equality, justice, and upward mobility - the opportunity to assert...

Globalism: Persuading the Individual to Stop Being an Individual

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - June 30, 20170
Socialism strips the individual of his selfness and transforms that individual into property of the state. by Linda Goudsmit If society understood the reality of collectivism instead of the promise of collectivism then their support for...

Anarchy in Academia: Cry-Bullies Gone Wild

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - June 26, 20172
by Linda Goudsmit The recent events at Evergreen College would make a great Saturday Night Live skit if they weren’t so serious and such an alarming portent of future social chaos. Academia trains the future leaders...


LAWFARE: Hindering President Trump from Investigating Obama

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - June 25, 20171
by Linda Goudsmit   The defeated Democrats are colluding with the mainstream media to create an echo chamber of false accusations, fake news, and demands for groundless investigations and frivolous lawsuits to impede President Trump and...


CNN: The Most Busted Name in News  

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - June 14, 20171
by Linda Goudsmit CNN's news is fake news. CNN's stories are lies. CNN's Fareed Zakaria is an exposed plagiarizer, but beyond all that, CNN anchors are the worst hypocrites on the air. Legitimate journalists present...



Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - June 6, 20170
by Linda Goudsmit 6.6.17 President Donald Trump withdrew from Obama's anti-American Paris Climate Agreement saying, "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris."  The Paris Accord was one of many anti-American agreements made by...


Connecting the Dots: Islamism…Socialism…Globalism

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - May 12, 20170
by Linda Goudsmit The word globalism is often used in its narrowest context to mean global trade, which obscures its broader political intention to internationalize nation states and ultimately impose one-world government. Similarly the word Islamism...


Jihad Violence by Any Other Name Is Still Jihad Violence

Linda Goudsmit Guest Post - May 7, 20170
by Linda Goudsmit Words matter. Language is the foundation for community living - it is the means by which individuals make themselves understood within groups and why translators are necessary to make themselves understood outside...






Linda Goudsmit…right on target


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[LFC Comments:  Linda Goudsmit is “on target” again when she is interviewed by Joan Swirsky.  Her keen insight on America’s problem is greatly admired by LFC.  Please take the time to read her answers to Joan’s questions.]



Excerpts from the article:

Joan (JS): Linda…when did you have the blazing insight that what you were witnessing in the politics of American leftists were not sincere efforts to improve the system, but rather elaborate hoaxes designed to destroy our country?”

“Linda (LG): From 2017 to 2019––I wrote a number of articles in response to current events. At about the third article, I realized that there was a consistent pattern of leftist political policies that were presented as altruistic, but in reality were deceitful, tactical, political strategies deliberately designed to collapse––to destroy––America from within.”

“JS: Indeed, your book spells out the quite astounding number of 50 Humanitarian Hoaxes! And quite courageously, you identify the culprits you believe are responsible for this malevolent con job on America. I must add here that readers can also access your articles at: lindagoudsmit.com and goudsmit.pundicity.com”

“LG: Yes, there are many perpetrators of this stealth attack––and malevolence describes its destructiveness. But the Huckster-in-Chief is Barack Hussein Obama who, from his first appearance on the national and international stage, proclaimed his intention to “fundamentally transform America.” Of course, most Americans had no idea that Obama’s goal was to replace our constitutional republic with socialism. We are witnessing the extraordinary success of his seditious plan today.”

JS: And you elaborate in your book what their end game is.”

“LG: Yes, for these Marxists, the end game of socialism is communism. But for the globalists who finance their mayhem, the end game of socialism is the new world order––a one-world government ruled by the globalist elite themselves, of course! BLM and Antifa are simply useful idiots. Their supporters are low-information individuals who have no clue that the globalists bankrolling this global anarchy and social chaos fully intend to impose a one-world government through the auspices of the United Nations.”



by Bruce Deitrick Price, ©2020, posted at Pundicity

Free-Photos, Pixabay, License

(Sep. 20, 2020) — Linda Goudsmit is the author of The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’, a wonderfully informative work that every American should read. It explains quickly and decisively the 50 ways that the far-left is killing America with destructive policies presented to us as altruistic—for example: Common Core, New World Order, Climate Change, Leftism, Political Correctness, White Supremacy, Collectivism, Globalism, United Nations, Ballot Harvesting, and 40 others.

BDP: Readers will be impressed by how comprehensive your book is.


Linda Goudsmit: I actually love doing research on any and all subjects. This book started as 50 independent articles written over a two-year period, between 2017 and 2019. Each article discusses a controversial topic in the news. Exploring each subject was exciting and often took me in unexpected directions.

BDP: I’m curious, which hoax is the most dangerous of the 50?

Linda Goudsmit: The Humanitarian Hoax of Eternal Childhood is the key to understanding the war on America. Freedom is an adult enterprise. Collectivism, whether it is socialism, communism, or globalism, demands emotional dependence and uncritical acceptance of what we are told. No thank you.

BDP: Tell us about your background, or maybe I should say the background of your ideas.

Linda Goudsmit: I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1969 with a degree in English literature and concentrations in psychology and philosophy. All I did all day long was read books and analyze their contents. I understood that since ancient times, the world was filled with competing ideas and ideologies for the good society. I thought a lot about our forefathers’ revolutionary ideas for a free society of the people, by the people…you know.

BDP: Lets talk about American society today.

Linda Goudsmit: I love America, but I don’t love what has happened to America. Children are the future of every society on earth, Bruce. Children really do live what they learn. In college, it just never occurred to me that American education could or would be weaponized AGAINST America! But that is exactly what has happened in America.

BDP: Were there any key experiences that focused you on your current political and philosophical positions?

Linda Goudsmit: Proposals for the good society had to consider the nature of man and how we develop emotionally and psychologically. I was always looking for universal answers to the question of why people do what they do. Eventually, I developed my own theory of behavior and presented the paradigm in my 2011 philosophy book, Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? A few years ago, I started applying the paradigm to politics. I was shocked to realize that the pressure to regress the population back to childhood, rather than encourage growth and independence, was deliberate! It is the foundation of the Culture War on America. It took my breath away.

BDP: Let’s say President Trump invites you for a meeting in the Oval Office which he should what steps would you advise him to take immediately?

Linda Goudsmit: First, the Department of Education must be overhauled and refocused on the educational policies and practices that made America great in the first place. Anti-American leftist indoctrination must be ended in K-12 and the universities. You see, the Culture War is an information war that begins in kindergarten and ends on the streets of America in anarchy. Second, all institutional pressures in society must once again be designed to encourage maturity, not dependence.

BDP: Which hoax is the most devious?

Linda Goudsmit: I would say that the Humanitarian Hoaxes of Collectivism and Disinformation are tied for first place in the devious category. You must remember that all the hoaxes are designed to regress the people back to childhood thinking and childish compliance where they can be easily manipulated. Children believe what they are told. The Humanitarian Hoax of Eternal Childhood is not only the most dangerous, it is the bait and the switch because free stuff is never free, you pay with your freedom no matter what the hucksters of collectivism and disinformation say.

BDP: I was impressed by the clarity and succinctness of your writing. Do you have to work at that or does it come naturally?

Linda Goudsmit: I write the way I think. I have actually been criticized for being a reductionist, but for me, making complicated things simple is preferable to making simple things complicated. In any case, I always write to fight.

BDP: This book should be used in schools as a model of writing and as a guidebook to understanding the pathologies that have sickened the country. Any chance of that happening?

Linda Goudsmit: Only if Trump is reelected and has the entire K-12 curricula rebuilt in both form and content. By the way, I would recommend using your book Saving K-12 as the manual. No more sight-words; no more new math; only factual world history, not revisionism; American patriotism and the pledge of allegiance recited daily. Its a start. Universities come next.

BDP: I ask that question because I’m often struck by the passivity of the society’s nominal leaders. The Republicans who should be leading the fight are sleepy. How do we wake up these people?

Linda Goudsmit: Sadly, most of the political leadership in Washington is corrupt, not asleep. President Trump is so successful because he is NOT a politician in the Washington sense of the word. He came to the presidency promising to drain the swamp. Unfortunately, the swamp is wider and deeper than he imagined. Donald Trump is an America-first president. His American advocacy is what makes him the existential enemy of globalism and the globalist elite who fund political campaigns.

BDP: Any predictions, optimistic or pessimistic?

Linda Goudsmit: Everything hinges on the 2020 presidential election. If Trump wins, the country has one more chance to defeat the enemies of American exceptionalism and freedom. If the Democrats take the White House, the country will devolve into socialism and then become part of the globalist elite New World Order of a one-world government.

BDP: What’s your next big project?

Linda Goudsmit: I will continue to write political analysis for adults, but my focus will be on America’s children. I am determined to bring critical-thinking skills back to elementary education. My children’s picture book series, Mimi’s Strategy, is my personal contribution to the effort.

BDP: Boil your message down to a few words.

Linda Goudsmit: Grow up, America! Socialism is not your friend.

BDP: Excellent. Thanks for this conversation. You are a warrior and a visionary, exactly what the country needs now.

Linda Goudsmit: Thank you, Bruce, I appreciate you saying that.




NOTE: Linda Goudsmit’s articles are archived on her Pundicity site and are available for publishing if her name is cited. Her articles are also published on Act for Canada, Canada Free Press, Conservative News and Views, Independent Sentinel, Intellectual Conservative, Israpundit, Lobbyists for Citizens, News with Views, New Zeal, Noisy Room, Renew America, Rich Swier, Ruthfully Yours, The New American, and The Post & Email.




(Bruce Deitrick Price is the author of Saving K-12  What Happened To Our Public Schools? How Do We fix Them?)

Bruce Deitrick Price is the author of six books, an artist, a poet, and an education reformer. He was born in Norfolk, Virginia, earned Honors in English Literature from Princeton, served two years in the Army, and then lived many years in Manhattan.

Price explains educational theories and methods on his ed site Improve-Education.org (founded in 2005). He has 400 education articles and videos on the Internet. More forcefully than most, Price argues that the public schools are mediocre because our Education Establishment wants them that way.

Price’s literary site is Lit4u.com .

© Copyright 2020 by Bruce Deitrick Price