Do I Need a Cover Letter to Apply for a Job?

In most cases, yes, a well-written cover letter customized to the job posting will add value to a job application. It gives you a chance to tell (and sell) an employer why you’re an ideal candidate, and show off your communication skills. However, a poorly constructed cover letter with spelling or grammatical errors can hurt your chances of an interview, even if you have an impressive resume.

If you are applying for a job through an online platform, and there is no place to include a cover letter, it is completely acceptable not to include one with your resume.

Our standard cover letters include a “master” document in Microsoft Word format and two revisions for specific job opportunities. A cover letter may include a 60-90 minute consultation if purchased with a resume package or other service.

Recruiters and hiring managers decide in less than 10 seconds if they will read or discard a resume. It’s not easy to stand out in a competitive job market. Working together, we can write a resume that is appropriate for your industry, the employment opportunity, and will communicate your skills and experiences professionally.

Call us for resume writing services or fill out our contact form to make a customized plan to find a new employment opportunity. Since July 2016, over 175 clients have secured interviews after working with us to write or revise their resume.


Do you Offer Mock Interviews to Prepare for a Job Interview?

Yes, we know how daunting it can be to prepare for an interview, especially if it’s your first interview after graduation or you haven’t had an interview in many years. Many of our clients came to us asking for this service when we started serving clients in 2016; we responded by conducting research and training our team with the tools they need to help our clients.

Using communication techniques and best practices from recruiters, employers and hiring managers, such as the STAR technique, we will meet with clients, in-person or virtually, to help them feel more confident and ready for an interview.
We will teach you how to prepare adequately, provide questions that you may be asked during an interview, as well as techniques to structure your answers, stay calm under pressure and leave a positive impression on an employer. We will also review or help you write a follow up communication thanking your interviewer for meeting with you promptly after your interview.

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Source: The Write Approach

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