5 Tips To Improve Your Creativity In Essay Writing

Essays are one of the most important academic obligations, as they are very common and thus, have a huge influence on the final grades. However, there is a problem - these assignments are also very complex. Why is that so? Well, first of all, a high-quality essay has to be informative, creative and original. Besides this, there are also strict academic rules that have to be applied, which makes this process even more complicated.

Having all of this in mind, it is obvious that it is a hard work to become the best essay writer. However, in the text below, a list of tips on how to provide more creative essays will be listed, so that students can write better contents and boost their creativity.

1) Grammarly

Although it doesn’t actually refer to creativity, an application such as Grammarly can be very helpful in the process of making one’s essay more creative. In order to make sure that their essay is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, students are usually checking and correcting their words while they are writing. This can be a problem simply because during this process their attention is not on their ideas; sometimes a great creative idea can come to one’s mind, but if he is checking his every word it will take a long time to write it down, so he can easily forget it. With the application such as Grammarly, there will no these kinds of problems, as one just has to attach his file to the Grammarly, and it will point to all of the grammar and spelling mistakes.

2) Thesaurus

Sometimes it happens that a student has an excellent idea and writes it down in an interesting way, but after he reads his paper he notices that a particular word is repeating too many times or that some expression is not the appropriate one. In both of these cases, the creative aspect of the essay will be significantly diminished. However, there is a simple solution for this problem. In order to find a suitable synonym for a particular word, one can type that word in the Thesaurus.com and it will instantly provide a whole list of similar words.



3) Choose the right topic

In order to write creative content, there are two conditions that must be fulfilled: 1) one has to be interested in a particular topic; 2) he has to be familiar with it. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to write an interesting and creative essay. This is why choosing the right topic is one of the most important steps when it comes to essay writing.

4) Regularly rest

As all of the students are aware of, it is very hard to write while one is tired. In these circumstances, it is almost impossible to focus and concentrate, let alone to come up with interesting ideas. That is why a student should always be restful while he is writing.

5) Talk to others

It is a good idea to sometimes talk about the essay and its main ideas because other people often have totally different perspective over the same thing. This can be very useful, as sometimes they will have a great suggestion or will just say something that can lead a student to a new and creative idea.


Many people believe that creativity is something innate and that there is no way to develop it and improve it. All of these tips are the proofs that this is not the truth. If a student is dedicated, takes his essay writing seriously, and use these writing tips, it can be stated that the success is guaranteed and that his essay will be a creative one.