5 Reasons Why People Lose Their Homes To Foreclosure

Here are five reasons why people lose their homes to foreclosure:

1. Illness - Illness makes it impossible to work and most people when they don't work, they don't make money. Many Americans don't have adequate health insurance, which makes matters worse. When you are ill your base expenses continue and in addition, many times doctor, hospital and the cost of treatment can eat up a person's life's savings in no time at all.

2. Divorce - Divorce causes great physical, emotional and financial strains. Often in a divorce money problems may be hidden from the other partner because they are embarrassed or simply cannot communicate.

3. Money Management - Our educational system fails in a very critical area and that is the area of money management. Poor money management and decision making causes a hopeless spiral of debt that may force you into foreclosure.

4. Death of a Spouse - The death of a spouse may cause the living spouse to shut down emotionally or the death of the bread winner may cause financial hardship.

5. Legal Issues - Our society is very sue happy. Legal problems may force you into foreclosure because you have been sued and have spent all of your life savings on legal expenses.

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Short note about the author

Jeffery L. Harriman is a regular contributing author on the subject of foreclosure in the Michianna area. For more information on foreclosure, go to http://www.foreclosuredu.com.


Author: Jeffery L. Harriman