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We organized the best trips to Thailand and tips here. Our Thailand travel blog and guide page have all of our best Thailand travel information and experiences. You will also find travel ideas for couples and singles, not only for families. We've already done this for Sri Lanka, India, and London Travel, and you've chosen Thailand as your next vacation destination to embrace. Every year we return to Thailand tour packages to add more tips, tours, essential information, destinations, budget ideas, and accommodation reviews. Thailand is a great destination for longer journeys, backpacking trips, or a short vacation. For Asian novices, Thailand is our top recommendation. All information on this page reflects our personal experience. Check all the facts, prices, availability, and dates because things are changing fast now. The short video below is from the famous Thai Railway Market near Bangkok.

Travel styles in Thailand.
We have been to Thailand more than 20 times, as singles, as a couple, and now with children. I know the kids have been to Thailand at least 20 times, their first trip was between the ages of 4 and 6. We traveled the country independently as long-term travelers took a shorter vacation in the market and visited a small group vacation full of adventures.

Many styles of travel, many budget points, most styles of travel work well in Thailand. Thailand tour packages from Delhi are a fantastic destination and probably the easiest one to choose for a trip to Asia, it is one of our favorite countries and we keep coming back. You can stay in a luxury beach resort or a cabin, you can backpack around Thailand using public transport or book a private tour. Any style of travel is possible in Thailand, and it is a particularly easy country to explore for Western tourists
Travel expenses in Thailand.
There are huge cost differences in Thailand. Large beachfront resorts can be expensive, but smaller islands that only backpackers come to will be cheaper. Bangkok is more expensive than many other cities, but Chiang Mai has a really good price. Overall, Thailand holiday packages are very affordable for those of us packing dollars or pounds.

The costs depend on the style of travel. You can spend a lot of money or earn well under $ 50 a day, it's totally up to you and where you are in Thailand. The absolute minimum guide is:

Good standard guesthouse $ 26 for a family of four with 4 beds.
A meal, for example, Pad Thai, sitting in a simple 40-50 Baht restaurant, for less than $ 2.
A meal from a street stall, 30 Baht up.
Sure prices go up and up, but by having common sense and knowing where to go, you can keep costs that low.
Family travels in Thailand
As Thailand is a well-known travel destination and due to the modern, developed nature of most of the country, Thailand with children is usually not a problem at all. These love children and more than once they have been taken to dinner to play with their adoring young women.

Transport is easy (but roads can be dangerous), food is good and hygiene standards are much higher than 20 years ago. There are tons of places to stay in all price ranges (see below) and tons of things to see and do.
Vaccinations in Thailand
When we first visited Thailand with children, on a two-week vacation, our family doctor did not think that additional vaccinations were necessary. I would agree to a short stay, avoiding small areas where malaria is possible. We were happy that we hadn't taken any extra precautions apart from extreme caution in avoiding mosquitoes. But, of course, consult your doctor.
We have seen this in our lifetime and have sought medical consultations in both Australia and the UK. The advice given was very different, as was the cost.

I can tell you here that we never had a rabies vaccination and spent months, maybe years in Asia. We do not regret this decision. In Thailand, we have not practiced malaria prophylaxis since 1999, when I wandered the Burmese border and stayed in remote villages. We did not consider it necessary on subsequent journeys, although if we were to go to the jungle again we would have considered it.

The Malaria map for Thailand can be found here. As you can see, the NHS only shows risk in border regions. Let me tell you that for 6 weeks in Laos and 1 month in Cambodia last year, we did not take any anti-malaria drugs. We travel long term, so even if we wanted to, we can't take anti-malarial drugs most of the time. It's our choice not to take them, but the final decision must depend on what you feel comfortable with.

Worrying will ruin your vacation, but you usually find that your health problems go away when you hit the ground and see thousands of healthy people around you.

If you are embarking on longer travels in Thailand honeymoon packages and come from a country where travel vaccinations are enormous (such as Australia), it is a good idea to get vaccinated in Bangkok. There is a travel clinic connected to a tropical medicine hospital. Medical care in Thailand is good as my husband can testify. He had an urgent operation in Ko Samui.

Find NHS health recommendations for traveling to East Asia here. As part of the update - we already have these anti-rabies shots - here's why. If in doubt, do all injections, listen to your doctor.

How to find the best prices and offers for hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and resorts in Thailand
We used to travel around Thailand trip packages without making a reservation. We just drove into town and knocked on the door until we found the room we liked for the price. We have always negotiated hard.

Those days are gone and we find more and more fixed prices along with internet prices that are better than any price accommodation will offer us face to face. That is why nowadays we usually book at least a few days in advance. Then we will look around and see if there is any place that we like more, but most often book online at a better price. The world has changed.

Agoda is a specialist in Asia, we usually use them for reservations in Thailand. Agoda is based in Asia, so it offers more variety and often better deals. If you're looking to book a reverse offer, possibly well in advance, Booking.com is probably your best bet. Of course, you can use Airbnb if you prefer, but we've never had any luck with this platform in Thailand.