How to write a SEE-I

What is a SEE-I?

  • SEE-I is an acronym to help writers clarify their ideas. It stands for:
    • State it
    • Elaborate
    • Example
    • Illustrate
  • S: State
    • To state something is to say it briefly, clearly and sometimes it means offering the most basic put precise definition.
  • E: Elaborate
    • To elaborate on the statement above is to expand it, explain it in your own words at a greater length.
  • E: Exemplify
    • To give a good example of a topic or concept is to clarify for yourself or your audience what you mean after “stating” and “elaborating.” It is best to have an original example that you will pull from your own life experiences or the world around you.
  • I: Illustrate
    • An illustration of a concept or topic provides a picture to clarify one’s thinking. It might be a graph, diagram or concept map. Typically, it can be a metaphor, simile or analogy that captures the meaning.


SEE-I Method Example: 

Prompt: Communication is important to me because...

      • State It :What is it?
        • Communication, or the act of receiving and responding to information is important to me because it is an essential part of understanding myself and the people I surround myself with. 
      • Elaborate: In other words...
        • In other words, communication becomes the foundation of how we form important relationships in our lives. Those relationships in turn help to build our own personalities as well.
      • Example: For example...
        • For example, elementary school students forming friendships for the first time will have a great impact on their future successes, because studies show that the friends we make at a young age will affect the individual's success in adulthood.  
      • Illustration: Use similes or metaphors
        • Communication to a relationship is like oxygen, without communicating our thoughts and feelings accurately, our relationships will die. In order to build positive relationships, we need to maintain positive communication. 

**Your SEE-I prompt should be 4-8 sentences in length. Attaching a word document or submitting your SEE-I in the textbox through canvas are acceptable. All SEE-I’s are due THURSDAYS by midnight.**