Online physician consultation, efficient way to save money and time


Every once in a while, you’re hurdle to need to consult with a doctor for common health check-up, seasonal fever,  cold & flu, chronic illness, acute diseases and much more. From consultation to treatment, the doctor assists you throughout your recovery. The doctor will consult via phone or video and treat you in the comfort of your home or office anytime, anywhere with no matter where you are either its midnight or day.

Online physician consultation and telephone consultations for the treatment of a medical condition or disease are an efficient way to save money and time for both the patient and the doctor, reducing overall expenses. Online video and telephone consultations may be suitable for a doctor/patient relationship that has already been recognized and only requires schedule checkups. A doctor would make the assessment or suggestion that it's suitable to use online or telephone consultations in order to persist treating a medical condition or illness.

TelerainMD introduces the opportunity to connect with innumerable doctors from different parts of the world. Medicinal consultations were never this simple! Whatever be the concerned health issue, we can find you just the right expert specialist to examine it with. Create an account with us today, and discover a complete new standard of service in medical consultations online!

Our physicians can prescribe medications as per our prescription policy.  You inform us your pharmacy and we send it electronically. It is usually available shortly after it is written. We can refill prescriptions as well. Just send us a message when you are running low on your prescription.