A Review of the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

Auto dealers are looking forward to the release of the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. Many of the things that received harsh reviews in 2008 have been redesigned and tweaked by the automaker to put this vehicle back towards the top. Auto sales lots have seen this version sporting new additions to its standard package and they have maintained their truck like appearance. However, it certainly isn't perfect. My site accu reviseren

The Good 

To go along with the external overhaul of the 2008 model, Ford has beefed up the power, given it better handling, and a smoother more entertaining ride. This makes it far more popular for auto sales than it has been in recent years. In fact, Virginia Beach auto dealers say they are difficult to hold onto particularly with the spikes in gas prices.

The most noticeable change is the bigger 2.5 liter engine that has increased its power by 22 horses. The Escape hybrid now takes fewer than 10 seconds to hit 60mph. The noise that is associated with its continuously variable transmission has also been eliminated.

Its new suspension system, electronic stability control, and sway bar allow for a considerable improvement in riding and handling. When it comes to auto sales, Virginia Beach auto dealers say the interior is the real benefit to the 09 Hybrid. It has a voice activated Sync system for the audio, phone, and other electronic goodies. This model has excellent storage space and is rather comfortable. Its interior is also pleasantly proficient at keeping outside noises on the outside of the cab.

The Bad

One of the worst things about the 09 Escape Hybrid is that it still has drum brakes and the same regenerative breaking feature in it, which hampers the ease of breaking. It does take some getting used to. They have a good fuel consumption rating. It has a bigger savings between this and the gas model in the city.

On the highway, it is good on gas, but the actual savings is lower. Like other hybrids, it takes every opportunity to run off the batteries. Good in concept, but if you are heavy footed you might not notice as much fuel savings. The folding second seat in the back is also difficult to fold down and lift.

Perhaps the biggest downfall of all is its high sticker price that puts it at the high end of the spectrum for Ford's auto sales. Virginia Beach auto dealers have a basic model starting at a price equivalent to where the Escape Limited gas model leaves off. This mean you should expect to spend considerably more than $40k for a fully loaded model. This vehicle is out of reach for some budgets at approximately $5,000 more than the gas version. It will take approximately seven years for it to pay back the extra $5k.