Kettlebell Kings Presents: Kettlebell Complexes ֠Full Body Double Kettlebell Blast

Full body double kettlebell blast! Get more workouts like this here:

This was way harder than what I expected. Make sure to use a weight that is manageable and that you can do unbroken. This is my first round and it took me 2minutes to complete. As I began to fatigue my rounds got slower and slower and my final round took me 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I used 24kg bells. This is a pretty manageable weight for me, keep in mind that I compete with 32kg bells in the 10 minute longcycle. If I would of gone any heavier than the 24kg bells I could not have done each set unbroken, so choose wisely
Warmup: 15minutes
5 rounds, 1 round every 4minutes
10 bent over rows
10 push-ups
10 longcycles
10 thrusters