What Are the Best Explainer Video?

You can see the many benefits of video content. From dominating 80% of internet traffic to inducing 90% of customers to buy, it is understandable that you are ready to start working with video.


It can be overwhelming to decide on the right Explainer video production company or the steps required in choosing one. This guide covers everything you need to know about working with video production, from the benefits to your boss to convincing them to invest in video.






Now the question is: Who are you going to work with? Many companies will support their own film crews, while others prefer to work with video producers. Why? These five advantages of working with a video production company are very convincing.


You Receive Accurate Estimates

It's what Explainer video production companies do: they make the video come alive. If you send them your ideas, they will be able to consider the equipment, lighting props and crew needed to bring your vision into reality.

These considerations will allow them to provide an accurate estimate.


You Avoid In-House Production Expenses

The budget for Star Wars' latest film was staggering. Filmmaking costs a lot. It is convenient to have your own in-house production team, but it can come with a steep price. In addition to investing in the required equipment, you must also provide benefits and salaries for each member of your crew.

These costs add to the typical cost of Explainer video production. They already have all the hardware required by a video production firm.


You get a professional touch

You don't want your video marketing campaign to look amateurish when it launches. It can be easy to work with video, especially if you have access to behind-the-scenes footage. But it is difficult. You are responsible for managing actors and crews, as well as equipment and lighting.


Explainer video production companies offer a professional touch that is one of the biggest advantages. The creative development process can be managed by you without having to worry about scheduling or quality. Instead, they can deliver a professional video of high quality.


You have access to a team of film experts

Working with a group of stars opens doors. You can film a commercial, promotional, live, or animated video with an outside company.


A specialist in marketing videos can help you develop your marketing strategy. Explainer video production companies will help you to define your message and create an engaging story. They can also build a microsite and upload it on various platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook.


Deadlines are met without hassle

Missing deadlines are costly, especially if your company has been advertising your video. While it's not something that anyone likes, it can happen when in-house departments are overwhelmed.


Explainer video production companies make sure your deadlines are met even when they are tight. Our team, for example, has been up all night creating recaps that will air on the following day to be used for closing ceremonies. This is what we do because we love the video!


Software Explainer Video vs Product Demo Video

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Now that you've seen the stats surrounding the video and how it can sell software, you can see how a video can help market your SaaS offering. Now the question is, which type of video?


There are many options. So the first question to ask is: Do you choose to use a technology explainer, product demo, or client testimonial? These videos will help you market your whiteboard animation software. Although you may naturally go for a product demo video because it will demonstrate your software, explainer videos can be a great option. Their subtle approach and emphasis on education are making an impact on consumers.


The style of the video is next. What style of video should you go for? Is this a live-action, animated, or both?

We will be exploring the differences between styles and formats in this blog to give you some insight into why one might be better for you.


Differences between a product demonstration video and a technology explainer clip

An explainer video should show the consumer which problem your software solves. It should also demonstrate how your product can help them. They should be able to get a quick overview of your product in order to understand the idea of your product.


The next step is to create a video about technology products. They are able to understand the concept and can now see how your solution works. You will be able to show them the concrete features of your software.