Determining the best type of New Garage Door for your Home!


Are you looking for a new garage door opener but at a loss where to begin your search? The garage door market abounds with too many options, but how can you be sure you are purchasing the correct opener for the job? Don't sweat it. In this blog, our garage door opener experts will walk you through the questions you should be asking yourself before shopping for your next garage door opener.


Which do I buy first—the door or the opener?

If you are thinking about replacing your garage door and garage door opener, we recommend that you get both components at the same time so that your garage door opener fills the bill for your needs. Different doors require different types of openers, which will influence the specifications of the replacement opener you are considering.


The most straightforward approach is to purchase the door and opener as a package. Shops that deal with both doors and openers will know which doors require specific opener features and can assist you in selecting the door you prefer and its appropriate opener. If you choose to get them separately, you may need to buy extra parts later to make the door and opener work properly.


What is the weight capacity and drive mechanism I require?

Picking a model with the suitable weight capacity and the right drive style for your needs is crucial in the garage door opener purchasing process. The horsepower that best fits the job is determined by the door's specifications. For example, a single-panel wooden door may not be able to be opened by the same garage door opener that can hoist a sectional metal door.


It is also critical to determine the type of drive, as some are noisier than others. A belt-driven opener is an ideal solution for avoiding vibration and noise if your garage is right under or next to a living space or a bedroom. A screw-drive garage door opener may be necessary if you need to lift a heavy door. A chain-drive is suitable for garages that are detached from the house.


Are you looking for any particular feature?

Once you have settled on your potential openers, it is time to compare their available features. Most homeowners would zero in on two factors—security and convenience. You may go for a garage door opener that not only boosts the security of your door but also enhances convenience through smart functions and wireless connectivity.


Do you require additional security?

Many manufacturers integrate their garage door openers with various extra security measures to assist homeowners to keep their garage safe and protected. For example, Vacation Lock, a particular function that prohibits wireless devices from opening the door while you are on a trip or away from home for an extended time, is included in practically all Genie units.


Do I DIY the installation, or should I call a Professional?

The last part of the purchase review process is asking yourself whether you want to install your garage door opener yourself or should you get a professional to do it. The answer depends on several factors, including the installation's cost, time, and complexity. Some garage door openers are designed for DIY setup, while some include an installation package. However, if you want your garage door opener installation to go as smoothly and safely as possible, better hire experienced installers.


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