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Vidmate is a video player for mobile devices and can be operated by customers worldwide. In addition to this, for Indian customers, it is an OTT (over-the-top) streaming service for movies, TV shows, videos and many more.

 Originally Vidmate as developed by a uc web ‘alibaba’ and then bought in 2013 by ‘The Times Group’, India’s largest media chain. It then relaunched Vidmate in 2019 as a media player as well as video streaming service for the Indian market. The OTT platform is however not available for customers outside India and hence can only be optimized by people residing in India.

 OTT platform or over-the-top platform suggests that films and TV shows are supplied using a high-speed internet connection rather than relying on cable, satellite or broadcasting platforms to distribute these contents. 



  • App Interface: uncomplicated layout of the app interface allows for ease in navigation 
  • Screen gestures: by the simple motion of the fingers one can easily zoom in/out, control the volume and screen intensity, play and pause toggle and also rewinding the footage.
  • Hardware acceleration: This technique of speeding the function of hardware components to exhibit better and faster results is a feature seen in the app.
  • Cores compatibility:This Android video player supports multi-core decoding, therefore, increasing the device's performance significantly.
  • Kids Lock: limiting the access of children when they are being entertained with videos by the activation of a feature known as Kids Lock. To unlock this simply touch the 4 corners of the device clockwise.
  • Subtitles: have access to clear texts (subtitles of various formats are supported) which can be edited (font, color style) to one’s preference. Also, the ability to change the position of the subtitles is granted.
  • File sharing:transfer files between devices or shares a video to a friend is made possible on Vidmate without the use of mobile data.

All these amazing features can be obtained by downloading Vidmate through the prestigious 9Apps and get access to all your downloaded movies and can stream media content via the OTT platform.

Enjoy watching entertainment of the highest quality from the huge collection of latest movies, songs, TV shows, short films and many more with the only requirement being a stable internet connection. Once that is established you can access these media from anywhere at any time (in India).

It caters to the choices of many people by offering music and movies in different languages along with the option of subtitles. As well as the variety of genres from hip-hop to classical music and from Crime movies to documentaries, Vidmate gives it all.

Since it is also an OTT platform there are various advantages in downloading this app such as Original and Unique Content, Multi-compatibility of several types of devices making this app very flexible. The popularity of OTT companies has risen rapidly and Vidmate app having launched on Amazon TV and Android TV is climbing the ranks as a famously used app.

9Apps will provide you the means to download this immensely useful application and enables you to start streaming your favorite movies, music or clips online and will satisfy you by supplying unlimited entertainment with good quality downloads and media.