Chapter 21.5 (gaiden 6)

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Aiolia - you really have to fight?
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Aiolos - I’m afraid so...if that’s what he wants, I must fight him. Accepting a challenge and facing the opponent with all his might.... is the obligation of every Saint... or rather ... and the obligation of every man.
Aiolia - but you are friends ... why ?? !! Why do you have to fight each other ?!
Aiolos - it's because we're friends, aiolia ... precisely because we're friends.
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Aiolos - is it not? Galan....
Galan- I’ll go all out, Aiolos.
Aiolos - Of course. I will fight you with all my might.
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the fight will be determined in a single blow ... and in that blow ... we will bet everything from each one of us.
let's go!!
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Prison of Uranus
Aiolia - are you there?!
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Galan-Aiolia, it's you ..? here ... it's a prison for's no place for a child to come ...
Aiolia - it's a lie !! You're not a criminal, Galan!!
Galan- It's not a lie ... the sanctuary is fair to everyone. I'm here because ... I committed a crime.
Aiolia- ...crime. what crime?
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Galan-I stole a secret treasure from the sanctuary.
Aiolia - a treasure?!
Galan - here is the right place for a criminal like me … enough is enough. go home. Your brother should already be worried about you.
Aiolos - I am worried...
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Aiolos - but not only with my little brother ... I'm worried about you too,
Aiolia - Bro!!
Aiolos - we are colleagues since the time of the training ... and we are, above all, friends. I can not believe you committed this crime for nothing. what happened?
Galan - I got a letter from my sister. I knew my mother was not in good health ... but I could not do anything. or rather, there was something that could be done, but I should not have done it.
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Aiolos - galan !! Do not tell me that you ... tried to steal the "holy blood’?! (Ichor)
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Galan- the blood that flows in the veins of the Greek Gods is different from the blood of ordinary people. They say that the great power of the gods and the source of their immortality comes from the blue blood that runs in their veins. the miraculous blood that concentrates the entire cosmos of the gods ... this is... sacred blood. the sacred blood has the power to heal any kind of wound or disease of a human being. This blood is kept in the sanctuary. the sacred blood of the goddess Athena is a treasure for the sanctuary.
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Aiolos - So you stole the sacred blood to save your mother. Why did not you tell me anything?
Galan- Pf! if I asked something of a sentimental man like you, I know you would have tried to convince the sanctuary anyway. as a Gold Saint you should not behave in this way so as not to disturb the order of the sanctuary ... besides that, It was already too late. when I stole the sacred blood ... my mother had already left this life ...
Aiolos -with a just reason like this, they will have compassion !! I'm going to try to talk to the great master ..
Galan- Don’t you dare do that!
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Garna - What I did was wrong! but I did so with full consciousness. I do not regret that. however ... you can do me a favor ... just one ... I accept the punishment of the sanctuary..duel against a chosen one ... I will die as they want. but I want the chosen one ... to be you. my wish is that the adversary chosen by the sanctuary be you. I want you to be the man to take all of the strength I can throw.
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Galan- This is the last request ... that I make to my friend.
Aiolos - I accept. It will be morning in the evening ... we will meet in the arena. I'll let the Sanctuary know.
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Aiolia- Bro... but why? Why will you fight? and so ... we fight. risking our lives.
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Galan- That is to be a Gold Saint. Incredible hits !!! you .... are the pride of the Saints!!
so I wanted my last opponent to be you !!
Page 16
Galan- my friend and honored Saint... who I admire so much! If am to die, let it be by your hands !!
Page 17
Galan- he removed his cloth to get my blow ?! Why?!
Aiolos - to fight like a man ... not as a Gold Saint ... and so that I can fight on an equal footing with my friend. now I can fight with all my power.
Page 18
Aiolos- burn my cosmo! take my feelings .. and fly !!! Infinity Break
Page 19
Galan- then this is the power of a Gold Saint ..! everything was surrounded by a golden glow and disappeared. It’s an old story ... he fought for me ... even though I was not a Saint. In this fight, I lost my arm and my right eye.
Page 20
Galan- but I am alive, as you can see ... after the fight, the sanctuary was benevolent with me ... and allowed me to stand next to Master Aiolia as his companion. You do not have to cry, litos. I am grateful to my friend ... and also to master Aiolia. Today i am happy
Litos - ... and it's so good that you're happy. you guys are amazing ... people can change their destinies. just fight with all your might, so that people can get a destiny full of happiness.
Page 21
Galan- and even ... surely ... people go forward to be able to change their destinies.even if there is a destiny defined by the gods, people can change it by fighting.

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