All You Need To Know about Joshua tree rock climbing

Climbing trees is not an easy endeavor. Let alone difficult, climbing a tree is full of danger. Amateurs can even lose their life while trying to climb a tall tree without any help and aid of a tool. It may seem quite an adventurous activity but one should have complete knowledge and tools before climbing up a tree. It's quite amazing to see how quickly and easily animals are able to maneuver themselves up onto a tree.Checkout Joshua tree uprising for more info.

If we examine closely all the animals that are quick tree climbers like tigers, cats, cheetahs etc, they have unique natural features that help them to climb trees without any difficulty. The most important of these natural gifts are the claws they have hidden inside their paws. These claws help them grip the tree in an expert manner. Similarly, humans can also adopt this natural quality of the animals.

Tree climbing spikes are a great way of achieving superb grip while climbing the tree. These spikes are designed in utilitarian way that allows them to be attached to your shoes so they may aid you in climbing. The main purpose of these sharp protruding spikes is to penetrate the bark and upper layers of the tree you are trying to climb. This in turn allows the climber to disperse his weight in a proportionate manner providing him excellent balance throughout the climb.

Once on the tree, you do not have any other kind of support. Climbing spikes are your best option in such a case where your life depends on them. This is why generally spikes made out of steel should be used because they are very hard and strong. These spikes can very easily penetrate the bark to a great depth providing you peace of mind that these spikes would not let you fall.

It is usually a good practice to know about your tree climbing gear before you run to the stores to buy some equipment for yourself. Tree climbing spikes are mainly of two types and it's important to know about both the types of climbing spikes. It is quite necessary that you buy the right style of spikes for your needs.

The first types of spikes you may find in the market are about an inch long. Although, they are called short tree climbing spikes, but unlike the name, they are rarely used for tree climbing. These short spikes are best suited for climbing electric and telephone poles. Electric and telephone company repairmen make use of these spikes to climb up the poles. Professional tree climbers should be well aware that these short spikes are not meant for proper tree climbing.

As opposed to the short tree climbing spikes, the next type of spikes are quite longer. These long climbing spikes are usually two inches long that means over an inch longer than the short spikes. Most professional tree climbers use these tree climbing spikes as they can even penetrate very thick barked trees. It is recommended that individuals who weigh over four hundred pounds should use these longer climbing spikes.


Joshua Tree National Park is a mighty big place; 900,000 acres plus or minus a few, so this is an attempt to help our hands-up crowd get straight to what they want, bouldering! This is a work in progress so some things will inevitably get shifted around a bit, so please bear with us!




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