Helpful Garage Door Maintenance Tips!


Maintaining the condition of a garage door can help homeowners avoid the expense of garage door repair or replacement services. If you own a garage door, you are probably looking for some tips on keeping it in good working condition. If garage doors are properly maintained, they will perform reliably for many years, and this blog will teach you how to accomplish precisely that.


Keep an eye on and listen to your door

Jerky motions and grating, scraping sounds are common symptoms of garage door and automatic opener issues. When a garage door is well-maintained and tuned, it will smoothly glide up and down the tracks, and there should be no jerkiness in its movement. Check to see that the springs, pulleys, and cables on both sides of the system are always balanced.


Inspect the tracks for any debris

Make sure that the tracks on both sides of the door are clean and free of rust and any dust buildup. Check that the tracks are plumb (perfectly vertical) throughout their vertical sections using a level. Minor track adjustments can be a DIY job, but major ones require the services of a skilled specialist.


Replace the rollers if necessary

Rollers inspection should be performed at least twice a year, while replacement typically happens every five to seven years. Replace any rollers that are chipped, fractured, or worn. Some roller types are easily removed by detaching the brackets that hold them to the door. Remember not to remove the lift cables attached to the bottom roller brackets on each side of the door. They are under immense tension and must be handled with care.


Make sure the cables are in good shape

Examine the lift cables that connect the door's bottom roller brackets. In torsion spring systems, the cables are wound around drums that are located at both ends of the spring shaft. A protrusion in the cable path can cause the cable strands to fray, so address them immediately to avoid further damage. It is also crucial to keep the wires free of debris and avoid using heavy lubricants as they tend to collect dirt.


Lubricate the springs

For a smooth, friction-free movement, lubricants such as Teflon and silicone can be sprayed onto the springs every few months. Spraying the last five coils on each end of torsion springs is not recommended. If there is too much lubricant on the end of these springs, they will slacken and unwind, causing the door to fall.


Lubricate all moving parts

Maintaining proper lubrication of the rollers, hinges, and other moving parts will decrease stress on the rollers and door openers, extending their life span. Apply high-quality spray lubricant on the rollers and hinges twice a year, such as white lithium grease, and clean off any residue. If any rollers or hinges appear to be stuck, spray them with a penetrating solution, then wipe and grease them.


Clean and paint the garage door

If your door is made of wood material, look for water damage around the trim work and the bottom of the door, which are the most prone to moisture. Keep an eye out for rust patches on steel garage doors. Remove any chipped or flaking paint before sanding and repainting your door. To eliminate dirt buildup, wash your garage door with hot soapy water regularly, then rinse with cold water to remove the suds.


If you find any wear or damage to your garage door system, arrange an inspection schedule with Fixxed Garage Doors. We are a full-service garage door company specializing in garage door installation and garage door maintenance. Contact Fixxed Garage Doors today to request free estimates or ask any questions you may have!


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