For the purposes of all War of the Realms, Marvel established this spring a new title Agents of Atlas, involving each of the Asian or Asian-American heroes of its catalog. However, the design of the publisher sees wider, , since the day will be seen by the following weathered name.

In the continuation of this initial test, a new mini-series Agents of Atlas begins from next August, under the advice of the author Greg Pak (creator of Amadeus Cho ) and also the designer Nico Leon ( Ms. Marvel, Spider -Man ). The duo will be accompanied by stories in parallel using Jeff Parker (creator of the very initial Representatives of Atlas ) and Carlo Pagulayan ( Telos, Deathstroke ).

Will be in the group Luna Snow, Crescent and his tolerate Io, all three appeared at Marvel Future Fight; or Aero along with Sword Master, creations for the Chinese market. Be aware that these figures made their comic debut for War of the Realms.

Things to highlight the part of Marvel at a time when a movie Shang-Chi has to be done, and where the issues of highlighting diversity are still relevant news publishers of mainstream comic books. Agents of Atlas # 1 will be discovered next August.