I asked this question on a popular survival forum and not surprising I got a lot of different answers as to what should be in an emergency go bag. You could also take useful items such as a metal mug, bandana and compass (I carry my compass as hand-luggage anyway as it is less likely to get damaged). Nothing can assist a genuine survival situation more than a fully trained medic, however since most of us don't get around with one of these we have to make do with a first aid kit.

First-aid kit is comprehensive and contains good quality items. Emergency sleeping bags, space blanket ,” or bivy sacks as they are sometimes called, are essential for all Survival Kits. Instead of carrying a relatively bulky signalling mirror, use instead a business card CD disk that takes up hardly any space in a survival kit.

In the case of emergency evacuation, you should carry with you certain important documents. Durable and Lightweight Carry Case: The durable and lightweight carry case makes it easy for folks to transport the survival kit wherever they go. Not to mention, the box weighs less than a pound and is also waterproof.

Whenever we go anywhere though, we pack our "diaper bag" backpack with bottles of water, age appropriate snacks and a packet of dry milk in addition to our usual child necessities. Definitely make yourself a survival kit that you either keep in your backpack, in your car or find out more about option gray at home for after work.

Then I read that we should find a container (backpack, suitcase, tub with wheels), that we are able to carry or pull. In addition to the normal items (food, water, shelter, blankets), your vehicle kit should include jumper cables. Carrying a survival kit is a matter of common sense in any remote location.

These kits are designed specifically to be more easily carried by the individual in case alternate forms of transportation are unavailable or impossible to use. You can keep it lightweight or if you want a few pieces of extra gear, do it. If you want a higher quality multi-tool, knife or water filter, then do it.