How to recover deleted Emails from yahoo?

Yahoo is a popular emailing service and popular among users. Many times, a user deletes important emails and realise afterwards that they were useful. But it is very easy to recover deleted mails from Yahoo. The deleted emails in Yahoo go to trash folder automatically. Even if you have emptied your Trash folder, you can restore it from there. Here are steps on how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo.

Steps to recover deleted emails from Yahoo

  1. First of all, login to your Yahoo! Mail account. go to the Trash folder from the left portion of the screen. Check if your deleted messages are there or not.
  2. Once you are able to find the message, open it. Select move option from the toolbar. Select the location where you want to move the message like inbox or any other. The message is immediately transferred to your chosen folder.
  3. If you don’t want to browse through the list of messages, you can use the Search option from the upper portion of the window. Just type any keyword related to your mail and click search. You will get the required message at the top of list.
  4. Take the help of the Yahoo! Mail restore feature. It recovers deleted emails that have been deleted in the past 24 hours. Use this feature if your trash folder has been emptied. From the upper portion of the screen, click on “Help” button. Now select “Help” once again from the appeared options.
  5. When you get the list of “Help” topics, select “Emailing: The basics” from there. Go to “Deleting and recovering mails”. Now choose “Restore lost or Deleted Emails”.
  6. The last option is to carefully read the instructions on how to recover emails that were deleted within the last 24 hours. You will be asked to fill a form. Complete the form with correct information and hit Submit.
  7. Once your emails are stored you will be prompted.

You can submit a restore request for the mails that have been deleted in the last 7 days. Before proceeding note that:

  • Once you submit a restore request, it cannot be cancelled.
  • There not 100% chances of restoration.
  • Only those messages are recovered that have been deleted in the last 7 days. It does not depend on when they were originally received.
  • After successful recovery, the messages are added back to the same folder they were before.