Network security

In order to manage a secure IT environment, it’s essential to know what devices & applications are in your business operations network in the first place. An unsecured network carries a lot of risks, and if you aren't ensuring that your network is secure, then you leave your business open to attack. Network security works by combining more than one layer of defense in the system and at the edge of it to prevent security breaches. Each layer of protection that you put into place will implement new controls and policies so that only authorized users can enter the network, with the unauthorized parties unable to carry out their threats and harmful intentions. If you’re having issues with your network, we have compiled 7 ways to troubleshoot your network.

We all live in a digital world now, with technology transforming the way that we live and work every single day. Every business out there needs to be able to deliver a service that customers can trust, which is why network security is so vital, and understanding what makes a network secure is the first step.