4 fire safety tips to protect your office building

Fires are damaging, and in some cases, it also results in complete destruction. Therefore, fire training and safety procedures aren’t just important to fulfil the legal requirements but it also comes handy when coming across an actual fire. By acting proactively, one can eliminate the risk of fire or can respond quickly and efficiently in the case of one. 

Here are four safety tips to make sure for a quick response in the case of fire in your office building.

Install And Maintain Proper Fire And Safety Equipment

It is wise to have a fire safety services provider install all safety equipment at correct places in your office building because, at the time of eruption of fire, the extinguisher is the first-hand solution to suppress it when it is still at a minute stage.

You should make sure that you have the equipment checked by a professional fire safety services provider at regular intervals, to have fool-proof safety against fire. Also, make sure that you choose the right safety equipment from the various fire protection services available out there to suit your office space


Educate Your Employees

It is not just enough to install fire extinguishers at every corner of your building. Employees must be introduced to the fire protocols to ensure safety and be educated on exit locations, use of fire extinguishers, and fire alarms. 

Every employee needs to go through an emergency action plan training to respond quickly in case of a fire emergency. It’s the employer’s responsibility to create a fire preparedness plan documenting the roles of employees in case of a fire. Holding a regular drill should be part of the workplace schedule to ensure that all the fire safety plans are working successfully. 

Electrical Equipment Safety Testing

A huge number of fire outbreaks can be traced back to faulty wires and short circuits. You should have a professional check all the electrical equipment and wires regularly in the office. If any equipment is found faulty, it must be discarded immediately to avoid the risk of overheating.

The powerhouse of the building must have exclusive access if there is a need for a complete shutdown. It should also be equipped with proper fire protection equipment in case of fire due to short circuits.

Fire Safety Tools And Equipment Should be Easily Accessible

Fire extinguishers in your office building should not be shoved behind the desk or door but be at clear sight at all times so that they can be used efficiently when needed. 

Safety equipment like fire extinguishers is of no use if not accessible. You should have a professional fire extinguisher service provider to strategically plan the placement of fire extinguishers around your office. 

Blocking the fire escapes with machinery is also a grave mistake people commit in the pursuit of proper utilization of space. Fire exit equipment should be clear at all times for fast evacuation of people in case of an emergency. 


These are the four imperative fire safety tips to protect your office. But you must make sure at all times that you protect your office with all the possible active and passive fire protection systems with the best possible fire safety services.

People spend one-third of their adult life working in offices. Therefore, if anywhere in the world you are most vulnerable to a fire emergency, it’s the office. And it makes sense that you secure your office building from any fire hazard, not just because it results in job losses and unemployment but it may also result in injury and loss of life.