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Midwest Diamond Buyers is a Chicago based company. Specializing in buying diamonds,jewelry and time http://pieces.As a reputable diamond wholesale Chicago company we understands the importance of trust in each business transaction, we have continually shown integrity in our dealings with our esteemed clients who have reposed confidence in us with the sale of their items. We are renowned for paying our customers promptly.

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Diamond derived its name from the Greek word “Adamas” a term used for something that cannot be destroyed. Diamond is the only gem made of a single element, Carbon apart from graphite. It is entirely composed of Carbon atoms (Chemical Composition glazed in a cubic setting).

Diamonds are known for having resale value and various factors play a significant role in determining the price of your cherished diamond. Four factors determine the worth of a diamond and these are the weight of the carat, color, clarity, and cut. In the language of diamond buyers, clarity denotes a term used for the number of visible flaws in the diamond. It can be graded with the help of a scale and remains one of the conventional grading procedures used in the sales of stones till date.

Another critical factor is the color of the stone. Buyers often look out for the appearance of yellow hues in the stones. Moreover, if your stone does not have color, its value will be higher and the stone with color command lesser value.

The third influential factor that determines the worth of a diamond is the cut. It is the shape of the stone’s features, number and arrangement. The value of the stone is graded higher if it replicates more light and shows signs of glittering. The classic round cut diamonds have trusted grading systems while other cuts do not have hectic guidelines before each transaction.

Finally, the Carat is another factor that is used to determine the value of stone as it informs you of the weight of the diamond. A carat is a term used for a unit of measurement not less than 0.2 grams. In conclusion, these four criteria are determinants of the value of the stone, and it is essential you know them before selling your stone.


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