What is the importance of having a database consultancy?

All data generated by a company can be considered as information assets that have some financial value. This is precisely why cyber attacks keep growing, and recent research indicates that Brazil is one of the main recipients of this type of crime. You can have more information in our cybersecurity content, but now the most interesting thing to know is that attackers target your data because with them you have a business, but without them you can go bankrupt. Small and medium-sized businesses are a favorite target for criminals due to their vulnerabilities and less investment.

For this reason, it is important to count on the presence of a specialized DBA that makes use of the best practices and protects your business database, in all the following steps:

In other words, the administrator will use all his experience to take the best practices, technologies and systems to all the processes that his database needs to go through. This guarantees the following benefits:

resource optimization, that is, your business will have more accessible data and more speed; this means greater return on investments made. Having and maintaining a database can be very expensive, so it is great to have someone actively working to balance the equation.
constant monitoring that ensures preventive maintenance of the system, anticipating possible problems; this guarantees greater reliability and availability of the data. This means that you will have access when, where you need your systems.
continuous development of the database that reflects the improvement of the IT infrastructure as a whole; that is, there is no use just monitoring, improvements have to be made. An analogy would be with a car. Monitoring can inform you of an engine oil leak, but if you just keep filling the volume it will not solve the problem.

The information technology (IT) staff like computer network support specialist work within the establishments or deliver assistance and guide to keep the networks safe and secure. A computer network support specialist’s primary duty is to involve keeping the system networks safe.
acting together with the IT manager in order to increase system security and data protection. The biggest enemy to real security and the feeling of security! When you think you have everything under control, it is exactly the time that an attack will cause you the most damage and damage.